Hello and happy New year to you all, 2013 was a magnificent year for this blog and also for my gamer life, trends shifted and to my biggest surprise i managed to stick as glue to 1 game for over 6 months and while i may be finished or whatnot of it now i still wish to play it some more when time permits it but i really need to move to other titles.
So a new year, new changes? , i will start slowly by trying to involve g0blin even more on this site and the first go will be these weekly updates where both of us will write in the same post.
I am also working hard in WordPress to create a new website/blog, hopefully, it will come together soon but it is a tiring job due to my incredible HTML skills…
The Amiga, just a few days after 2014 had begun a new commercial game was announced, boxed on a DVD etc and it is a 4 player game too, i know very little about it now but i will write about it when i find some proper stuff and not old beta’s and such, anyways, i spent my holidays playing..

Enemy 2: Missing In Action, good platformer and a surprise sequel after the 1997 classic, shows its age (old assets from the 90s in there from time to time) but the gameplay is great and well worth a try!. The game is free, another surprise really, it was released Xmas 2013.
Download it here, http://www.auralis.ch/cms-anachronia-en/7.php
Whdload version here, http://www.Whdload.de/games/Enemy2.html

Solid Gold, this was released just after new years 2013 and another surprise and the developer is the guy behind the Dreamcast – Amiga port of Giana Sisters return (?), Solid Gold is a Rick Dangerous type of game, hard at first but when you get to know it then it is quite fun. Boxed Version is planned if there are enough people who want one.
Whdload Version here (and disk image(s), http://www.Whdload.de/games/SolidGold.html

Putty Squad
, ace game but i must admit that i hate it now.. well worth a try and i will buy it on the Vita and PS3 when they’re released but i will also grab it on PS4 whenever i get one.

The Vita is still ace but i benched it as i am kinda sick of it, got some new games for it and i have yet to try them but i will eventually, just need to find the “fire” again.

Tearaway, Completed it, wonderful game, really opened up and became a classic towards the end of it, if you don’t like it at first then just play it some more as damn it’s fine near the end (last few hours of it).
So an era of a console is nearing its end, or is it?. The PS4 is out in the open and no huge PS3 titles are announced, well there are quite a few but all of them are old news by now, will this be the year Sony and others skip the PS3 in terms of the high profile AAA games? , i doubt it but they need to produce PS4 games now in order to make the PS4 attractive and not let it end up as the PS3 did for the first 2 years of its life in the open.

Defiance, still playing it… not much to say other than that i hate the PVP stuff as there are absolutely no players in it them.

Need For Speed: Rivals, love it! , wonder what the rest of the gamers think of it as i tend to like NFS lately (all since pro street which was SHIT!) ….. a bit boring while playing with others at times as it’s open but not really that much of an open game.

New games in my collection, Dead Space 3, Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends, Captain Morgane, Ride to hell, Final Fantasy XIV and The Bureau so expect some articles soon enough.

Now, we will see if g0blin will post in here or not , time to see.

Added by g0blin
– January 12

So here I am, trying to cope with this incredible task …
Being the first time, I will add my considerations in a separate space, just to get acquainted with it. I’ll be sharing space with Tony inside the main body of the article starting from the next week.
Didn’t play that much here since, as you know, I was visiting parents. I did spend some time with UAE though (Putty Squad and Lure of the Temptress), then I started to localize into Italian the last part of Ask Me Up XXL by Jerome Senay (BoingAttitude).

Same as above. But I did have time for some multiplayer online, mainly:

The Last of Us: I never liked competitive MP, but this game really got under my skin. And while I’m waiting for the second DLC (solo campaign this time) I keep advancing in my Multiplayer journey as a FireFly.

Batman: Arkham Origins. The multiplayer campaign is light years away from TLoU ones, but I still enjoy it. In addition, it has been a fun evening yesterday, since players where consistently joining the lobby and the wait never exceeded a couple of minutes. 🙂

Lego Marvel Superheroes: actually, I watch my son playing it, but I believe Travellers Tales know what they are doing. I guess I will write an article about “deconstruction theories” soon.
I need to spend a couple of words here: like Tony, I’m a Sony fanboy, yet I’ve been chasing this game since ’99 and no platform limitations will keep me away from it! Secondly, this software came out for Sega Saturn first (’97) so I should probably call this section “Cross Overs”.

Soul Hackers: I really like this first-person dungeon crawler, but it’s taking me forever to advance in the plot. Heavy grinding is required to get to the proper level (and to get the proper equipment) to face boss battles, but I still enjoy it and I will play it to completion. Since I saw a lot of it in the last 15 game hours, I might come out with an introductory article soon.

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