So another week have passed and while it has been a wee bit slow on the new games front there is still a ton of games in the backlog, it feels like a never-ending story really…
The big question is, should i get an PS4 before the backlog is done?
g0blin’s add-on: as far as I am concerned, I’ll try to resist until next Xmas, where I hope I will find a bundle with PS4+Vita. For the time being this means that I won’t get that many new games this year. Not big deal, since I also have a few things in the back burner as well. In the mean time ….
The Amiga never cease to amaze me, 3 months into the new year and there have been new hardware announced (The X5000) and there have been a few games releases too albeit games I’d like to steer clear from….for now as they look pretty darn bad! but in the myriad of crap, i found news about a new game, a casino type of game and a console+Amiga release, not much known about it yet but i will, of course, try it out as soon as it arrives.
The only stuff i played on the Miggy the last week has been…

Putty Squad, i am no fan of this game but i have no problems understanding why people love it… shame it doesn’t use the 6 button support as there are too many button/movement combinations it seems…either that or i totally suck in it…
g0blin: I didn’t use the Amiga that much this week, besides navigating the internet or checking the mail. But I need to get back to Hollywood coding…
Not used the Vita at all the last week, i have been wondering about it but i decided to skip it for a few more weeks just so i can get hyped for it or whatever as right now i am just not “up for it”…
The PS3 is still my most used console and amazingly enough i managed to skip Defiance for an whole week, not because i tried to but i am so upset about there not beeing any players in the PVP and that is the only place i want to play now… other than that, been a cool enough week with lots of fun and hate… i played these…

Need For Speed:Rivals, Completed it, love it but i am getting kinda sick of it now..humongous grind to do in both Cop and Racer mode, will play it every now and then, good game but i wish there was more to do in it…like the Most Wanted billboards, gates and such.

Ride To Hell:Retribution, Completed it, seriously this is one of the worst games ever made and i wrote an article about it a couple days ago but i finished the game today and my god was it bad towards the end, in fact, it was much worse than i could have imagined even after my rant and whatnot.


g0blin: PS3 is the main console for me at this moment. Here is how it went.

The Last of Us: I got back to the solo campaign to get all those collectibles I skipped in the first 2 runs. In a way, I use the solo campaign to make sure I see all the things Naughty Dog put there for us to see. Also, I use it to train myself for the multiplayer sessions. As far as the multi goes, I do love it, even if I tend to realize that too many players are hacking the game these days. I saw players ranking above level “600”!!! (I’m at 20. WTF!) and I also saw players at level 1 tossing toward me tons of Molotov or spike bombs two seconds after game start, where you are supposed not to have any supplies!

Batman AO: I started “New story+”, and I also played a few MP sessions. I tend to avoid them for the time being, since I start to confuse the buttons layout with TLoU, and it shows when the game gets frantic!

Beyond: I enjoy going back to the story while chasing a few trophies. I like this games and it is fun to play “co-op” with my son.

Dead Space Extraction: oh well! Would you imagine that? I remember having this game as a bonus content on my DS2 game disc, so I gave it a try. I’m always interested on what happened on Aegis VII. As you know, this is a PS3 port of a Wii game, which dates back to 2010. If it is really so crappy only time will tell … but I had a Move controller to put at use, so ….
Soul Hackers: the more I play, the more I love it. After all those years it still feels fresh and addicting. If just you didn’t have to grind that much…

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