— Hello everyone, 8 days since the last post in the series and i have been rather quiet since the 4th Stinkers article and there are a few reasons to that but the main reason why i have not put up the 5th one yet is simply because of that someone told me about another title i had totally forgotten about so at this very point there is actually 3 games i want to name #5 so i decided i will wait a few more days as i just need to try the last one first.
secondly, i decided to go back to some older games and try and complete them before i jump to PS4…and or more PS3 games. — ToAks.

— As far as I am concerned, last week free time was totally crippled by tons of family chores so I only played one game (guess which?). But, as you know, we now have video capturing devices, so stay tuned for more stuff!. —g0blin
Just like last weeks post, i found more news about upcoming commercial Amiga games on its way, quite surprised to see all these news popping up but i have to wonder how many of these will actually surface in the end, this is Amiga oriented after all!.
I got the chance to beta test and report in problems on a new commercial Amiga game which should be available for everyone to buy soon and i must add that i am really grateful to all developers out there who send me beta’s, alphas and such for me to test and to do what i like most of all – Help out!. — ToAks.

Beta tested a New Amiga Game, will not mention name and such to spare the developer(s) from people asking too many questions and or demotivate or whatever the project, that said, the game is very near completion so i might have an article up very soon. — ToAks.

Bubble Bobble , yes i am not joking here, love the game to bits and i have been playing this classic mostly because my son has made it clear that he wants to try it based on pictures from a brand new 80s gaming book (review soon) and also because of the wonderful song from Carsten Pedersen’s Bubble Bobble 2008 remix tune … My son has yet to try the game but now i have prepared everything at least, with a CRT monitor and all… will be interesting to see how he likes the game. — ToAks.

I have been using the Vita a bit the last week but mostly because of 1 game and while i should use the handheld more i still can’t get into it again, i love it but something just screams consoles more than handhelds… —ToAks.

— Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse, cool game but so far it seems to me that the magic of the 2 first games are gone and now it is more an adventure than a thrill ride with cool story twists and such, expect an article as soon as i have completed it!. — ToAks.
Backlogs, backlogs!!! damn! i hate those!, i had a goal back when i bought the PS3 and that was to play every game to the end before i went and started a new one…. it lasted till 2011 and since then it has gone to the shitter as now i have a backlog of at least 100 titles!, many of them are games i totally disliked or simply did not “hook me in” but other games are actually top games which i just need to get back into as i stopped playing them for some odd reason or whatever (vacations, bugs or whatever).. — ToAks.
I decided to dive into my backlog and i found…

Alice:Madness Returns – Violence In Wonderland, this is a typical backlog game as i was new to the series and it looked so cool and thanks to the wonders of HD REMAKES the first game came bundled as a DLC bonus, so naturally i started the first game, a remake from the early 2k’s and about an hour later i put the game on the shelf as i could not get into the game at all, it just felt very archaic and like it shouldn’t have been remade at all and/or that they just rushed the remake to make more money….
Earlier this year my sister told me that i should play the sequel and just forget about the first one as the sequel was so much better in terms of fun/playability, so i decided to try it and now i am hooked and while i want to check out the first i most likely won’t unless something major happens. Expect and Article as soon as i have completed it!. — ToAks.

Remember ME , freebie PS+ game and a welcome one as i have been planning to buy it for months but never got around to it… i started it a few days ago and i am not too sure if this game is for me as it felt a bit “Combo-tastic” but i will give it a real go as the setting is very interesting and very — Blade Runner etc thingy. — ToAks.

— The Last of Us, played a little bit of solo campaign and managed to complete my second journey with multiplayer. Videos will be updated in the next few hours! — g0blin

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