Ok, the last week have been pretty good in terms of trophies and game completions but also as i dared to try some games that have been in my backlog for months if not years so all in all i must say that things are progressing pretty good and with my trophy count for the last week going up with 100+ ain’t a bad thing at all. — ToAks.
This week has been much busier than the previous one on all fronts. As you already know, I got a capturing device and we opened a new category hosting game videos. Preview and in-depth clips are been uploaded daily on my youtube channel and will complement every article from now on. These won’t be promotional stuff, but REAL gaming session of retail products so you will be able to judge by yourself if the game is worth buying or not. — g0blin

The last week on the Amiga have been pretty quiet in terms of new releases or such, well except for the awesome Casino game that i wrote a review/article about earlier in the week so if you got an Amiga or got any of the other formats it’s been released for then make sure to grab it. — ToAks.

— Ace Of Hearts, i was ranked nr1 for quite a few days…now i am behind..very behind thanks to the game being so addictive that others with more spare time than me managed to beat me with something like 10 times my own score..if not 100 times. — ToAks.

— The Amiga was used for gaming (Ace of Hearts see the article by ToAks) and for localizing stuff. Still very underused, but getting better. — g0blin
The Vita actually got some love the last week from me but sadly it was just for one game and while that was great i still did not try the other new games i have sitting on the shelf for it. — ToAks.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, Completed it and i wrote an article about it last week too so make sure to check it out.ToAks.
I decided to revisit my backlog a few times the last week and that has not been a bad trip at all, trophy count has exploded and i got around to experience games i had put on the shelf due to games like Defiance… — ToAks.

Alice:Madness Returns, Completed it, Article due soon but for now i can say that this is one of the longest games i have played in a while and while it dragged on …and dragged on at times it still managed to draw me back into it with some awesome locations and good action events. — ToAks.

Remember Me, Completed it, i really want to do an article about it as i think it deserves one as the game itself is pretty good but it has some flaws that make it really annoying but i just had to complete the game as it has a “Blade Runner” feeling to it and the music is exceptionally good. — ToAks.

Metal Gear Rising – Revengeance, it’s been on my backburner and mostly because i was afraid of it breaking some of the MGS magic that now that i have played a few levels i must say that this seems pretty ok for a crazy ape Mongotastic fighting game ala Bayonetta, it is just so over the top that it is obvious only a Japanese studio can make it. —ToAks.

I Also decided to pop open Tony Hawk – Shred, Dead Space 3, SpongeBob so more about them next week i guess. —ToAks.


PS3 was still the main platform and was used for both gaming (trying out new stuff) and for recording clips from completed games.

The Last of Us: just played a little bit of a solo campaign to collect … collectibles!

Batman AO: Progressing with the “New story+”. I also try to play a few MP sessions, just to upload better vids of it, but the internet connection was horrible, so I had to give up.

The Darkness II: Just played the first hour or so. I like the graphics style and I’m trying to get into the story since I missed the first episode. I liked what I saw so far, but the first person view is always confusing to me.

Lego Marvel Superheroes: actually, I watch my son playing it, but I already published an article about LEGO stuff.

Gundam Musou 3 (a.k.a. Dynasty Warrior Gundam 3): I have to finish this mobile suit game asap since the related article is very overdue!

Catherine: I played local co-op sessions with my son, just to publish those clips I was telling you about. Great game. Long live ATLUS!

Beyond: going for a few trophies or, rather, some multiple endings. Basically, I’m enjoying this great game while playing with the family.

Injustice: played it a little bit with my son, just to make some clips. Article on brawlers game is long due but almost ready to be published.

Mortal Kombat (reboot): same as above. Keep your fingers crossed! — g0blin

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