So, another great week has passed and the last week have gone a lot into completing old games and on the way i managed to platinum 2 games and i am just minutes away from platting the 3rd game… other than that i even fired up new games (AAARGH!) and i also managed to crash and freeze both my PlayStation 3’s about 5-6 times on 1 evening, why? absolutely no idea but it seems to be because of the latest firmware update?… — ToAks.

Pretty much the same here. Playing a bit, experiencing a console freeze, reboot, played a little more. I guess what went wrong on update 4.53 is still broken on 4.55… — g0blin
I returned to the 80s again and had a good go at 2 all time favorites as my son (who is 5 next month) have been endlessly asking about playing them, i am not complaining really. — ToAks.

— Bubble Bobble, classic and while i prefer the c64 version i still love the Amiga version too. — ToAks.

— Rainbow Islands, another classic and yet another game my son have been asking about. — ToAks.
Another week of minimal Vita love, i had a stab at a few things but nothing mentionable really. — ToAks.
Yet another awesome PS3 week,l 2 platinums so far and another one tonight for sure, i also managed to get hooked on a game i had removed from my shelf and my brain as i hated it for what it was… — ToAks.

Ice Age 4, Platinum, hated this game when it was released as the third game was an fantastic game and this nr 4 was just a minigame compilation and the minigames were awfully broken and boring.. my son and i had a few goes at it and then i decided to go for the platinum as the multiplayer ones were gone. — ToAks.

Back To The Future:The Game, Platinum, wonderful game and when i was just 10 minutes away from the platinum and game competition one of the trophies didn’t appear.. i was pretty upset alright but luckily i had a pretty new savegame that i could load up and then the trophy came when i made it to that place. Man, I love PS+. —ToAks.

Spongebob Squarepants, 10 minutes away from the platinum… quite ok game really as me and my son played it for a while…that said i would never have the ground as much as i have by now if it hadn’t been for my son wanting to play the game… —ToAks.

Dead Space 3, level 14 or 15 now, playing it co-op, really enjoyable …that said, we are playing it on casual as i really didn’t want to complain and bitch at my friend all the time while playing… — ToAks.

Metro: Last Light, Completed it, wonderful game and really scary towards the end of the game and that DLC is terrifying!.

One More Thing… I even had the PS2 up yesterday as my son wanted to see Crazy Frog Racer… we also had a go atCrash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex… good times and it was ok graphics too since we played em on a 1084S commodore monitor. — ToAks.


Beyond: still progressing for trophies and for the story. I guess I saw most of the endings now, so I should be very close to see that trophy pop. … — g0blin

Dead Space 3: progressing toward my platinum. I’m not a trophy hunter but now I want to get this one. I love this game and I published a couple of posts about it. — g0blin

Ace Combat Infinity: I tried out the solo campaign yesterday. Intromission is an Assault Horizon rip off, and the following two are just an introductory matter. I like the setup and how the story unfolds so far. I also like the “computerized” debriefing session. Only time will tell if we are going back to a true Ace Combat product or if it is another Cash Cow. I’ll be testing a multiplayer campaign tonight. It’s g0blin70, in case you are interested. — g0blin

Batman AO: tried to progress with “new story+”, without any luck. Am I getting rusty, or was the beer to blame? It slowed my reflexes down a lot! 🙁 — g0blin

Resident Evil 6: I’ve been asked by a friend to join him for a co-op campaign. I’ sorry to say that the more I play it, the less I like it. 🙁 — g0blin

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