What a week! , i have been very busy enjoying trophies the last few weeks and last week was no exception, a mere few minutes after posting last weeks report the first Platinum “plunged” in and for the next 4 days 3 more came and while most were not all that hard i still had to put time into them but the strangest thing was that i actually did not get bored and that is why i did the “grind” and playing stuff again and again to catch em all..
That said..i fear this platinum will be the last for now and that i won’t chase many for the next few months. —ToAks.


Sorry for being late for this post, but the week has been busy here as well. Not trophy wise, but still a very rowdy one! –g0blin
blog The Amiga has not been used for much, been to busy with other formats but when i had the machine running i used it for work related stuff and paying bills and such so i can’t say that i didn’t use it at all. —ToAks.


Even if I actually used the Amiga only a little bit, all my thoughts and actions have been devoted to her. I actually got involved in a very interesting project, which I will reveal in due time. –g0blin.
blogvita The impossible happened last week…, not really but 2 amazing games came out and while one of them came out the week before but didn’t pop up in my store until last week, so needless to say, i used the Vita quite a lot playing…

TxK, Jeff Minter is back and this is another “remake” of Tempest/2000″ and a splendid one too, fits the Vita perfectly and if you guys need to buy a vita game soon then make sure it is this one. —ToAks.

Surge Deluxe, another combo puzzle game but this one has a few new ideas up its sleeve, i will most likely do an article about this soon. I am 100% sure that this is one of the games that will stay on my 32GB memory card for years upon years!. —ToAks.
blogps3 This is still the console which i prefer and while i have access to a PS4 and Xbox One i still haven’t really bothered all that much yet as i am afraid that i will skip the ps3 stuff too soon and make the jump for the ps4 and piss off my girlfriend even more…

Spongebob Squarepants, Platinum, so, yes it is a kids game but it was a fun ride and playing in co-op with my son was fun and that was the main reason i went for the Platt as we managed to play so much that the whole grind went much smoother. —ToAks.

Wonderbook:Book Of Potions, Platinum, decent game and a step up from the first Harry Potter’ish game in the Pottermore universe but towards the end it all went stale and i was grateful that the game was “finished”. the game glitched a trophy on me but jumping back to the main menu in the game and back to the page i was initially on then the trophy appeared. —ToAks.

Wonderbook:Walking With Dinosaurs,Platinum, this is the best Wonderbook game yet, very fun and very rewarding too although it did get a wee bit scary for my 5-year-old son so i ended up doing the “rest” on my own, if you ever get stuck in the game then just use a box of bolts (and rattle it when prompted to shout for animals) or something to make the microphone stuff go smoother. —ToAks.

The Penguins Of Madagascar, Platinum, semi ok game which i had played quite a bit in the past (2011).I just finished it up now and obtained the platinum..surprisingly fun puzzles every now and then and while not hard or anything but fun!. —ToAks.

Unearthed:Episode 1, Completed it, this is a very bad uncharted clone, extremely short (an hour?) and so badly done that i was afraid of it crashing my PS3 that the game did not crash and i managed to finish it and get all the trophies but i will never recommend this game to anyone.. that said, this was an Indie attempt at an Uncharted type of game and it could have been a lot better if they had spent more time on it. —ToAks.

Defiance, 7th Legion DLC.. aaargh i am about to get hooked again!! the new stuff is very cool , the game has been crowded with players again and online PVP matches have taken a second to start and i managed to get a lot of points too and a trophy so my platinum is extremely close…but should i play it or should i not ..that is the question. —ToAks.

Madagascar 3, Completed it, not so fun game at the end and i did not bother to platinum it…yet, easy enough to do so i guess but too much grinding for a boring game. —ToAks.

The Unfinished Swan, i tried to pick this one up after it being on my HDD for 1 and a half year now… I DO NOT LIKE THIS GAME!. I get motion sickness out of it too!.. 2 hours in and 3 trophies and i decided to delete the game. —ToAks.


The Last of Us DLC2: it just came out and I like it. Playing a new side of the story actually feels a little weird after all these months, but it seems well done anyway. Of course, this made me craving for more multiplayer once again, so I got down to it one more time. —g0blin.

Lego Marvel Superheroes: still watching my son chasing that platinum. He’s getting good at it! —g0blin.

The Amazing Spider-Man: a fairly “old” game that came out just after the latest movie reboot. Not a bad one. It’s still light years away from the free-flow combat system of the Arkham saga, but I really get my kicks from spinning and “flying” above New York City! — g0blin.

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