The last 6 days have been fun, to say the least and very rewarding too as i finally managed to get that Defiance platinum trophy, and as always getting around to finish up long and big games can be very fun as then you might dive into your backlog and try and finish up those and yet again i did just that and yet again i managed to dig up some games that i have no idea why i bought and there have been others which i never understand why i didn’t play them before now… —ToAks.
Here I am, late as usual, but the last week has been very busy both for work and in a game-related way, even though the latter didn’t require my hands on a controller. –g0blin
Another week and yet more “backbone” stuff appears on the Amiga, PD games and such and while i like to try all of them i decided to skip a few of them as most of them felt unfinished and some wasn’t even localized in English yet, that said there was 1 game that i didn’t know of before now and that is a commercial game that is due this year (hopefully) , i hope to be able to beta test this action game and there is also an adventure game in the works too which g0blin mentioned to me here earlier in the week. —ToAks.
Yes, you heard him. And that’s why the few next months won’t see me very present on PSN. –g0blin

Shogo, just had to try the mech game number 1 on the Amiga, still cool game but sadly it’s not working 100% on the AmigaOne with OS4.1 , with MorphOS on the Pegasos 2 it works great tho. —ToAks.
AAARGH!, this handheld is a pain in the butt, i really want to “ignore” it for a while but then 3 games come out in 2 weeks, 2 of them i mentioned last week (Surge Deluxe and TxK) and of course there had to come another one this week and yet again…it is wonderful too…

Gunslugs, a retro platformer type of game with a killer soundtrack, the price of the game made it an instant buy for me, i do not regret it, sadly the trophies do seem very “retro” in.. IMPOSSIBLE…. or maybe not.
So now with Defiance done, my main goal for the last 6 months is finally done. my backlog is waiting and i have already opened a few of them, exciting times ahead but i do fear that i will play Defiance more than i should in the foreseeable future. —ToAks.

— Defiance, Platinum, totally love it and they have fixed so many of the things that broke the game that i really think people need to get back into the game now as i think they will be surprised if both the quality boost and the umm update “download size”. —ToAks.

Truck Racer, just trying to finish it up, easy enough game for now but i don’t think it’s particularly fun or whatever. —ToAks.

Apache: Air Assault, been in my backlog for 3 years and i really can’t understand why as i totally love it although it is incredibly difficult, managed to rake in a bunch of trophies last night, trophies that i never expected i would get real. —ToAks.

Cartoon Network Punch Time, Completed it, one less game in the backlog, not a great game but i decided to burn through it just to have done it and doing such can be ok enough if done while being “too into” other games. —ToAks.

I also had other games running through the week but nothing worth mentioning now as i will play them more in the next week to write about them then. —ToAks.


— Batman.AO: still working on the “new story+”, which was supposed to be a restart of the story with all the bat-gadgets already in your inventory. In truth, it’s the same stuff in hard mode (more and much stronger enemies) –g0blin

— The Amazing Spider-Man: with the new movie due for next April, this might be a good way to get in the mood –g0blin

–The Last of Us: I tried to progress with the latest DLC “Left Behind”, but without success. I don’t have time for it. And I star craving for multiplayer again. AAAAARRGH. –g0blin

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