Week 9 has been another great week, even got a few Platinum trophies too, fun to brag, very fun to brag, anyway been very quiet for me on every platform except for the PS3.
I didn’t play that much … again, but good things came out from this week. —g0blin
Nothing here really, only the daily usage stuff (i only use Amiga still) like email, bills etc. –ToAks.

Coding, studying, writing down documents. Busy stuff all week long. —g0blin.
The Vita, i actually used it a bit but far from anything mentionable.. –ToAks.

— Gunslugs, awesome game but it will have to wait until a nightshift or such. –ToAks.
The PS3 this week again and i have cleaned up the backlog quite a bit, good stuff and i will feel much better when i buy a PS4 when my PS3 backlog ain’t 100’s of games… –ToAks.

— Dare To Fly, Completed it, a nice game really and it does not deserve the bad reviews really, anyways it’s a different approach on a PS Move or Sixaxis controllable game, i won’t go for 100% as the last trophies are too much grinding for me…way too much!. –ToAks.

Yakuza 4, finally got around to get things moving in there, way too much “extras” in the game for me so time stands still way too long… they somewhat broke the series in my opinion as i get bored while walking in the streets now as it’s just too much waiting for a phone call or such. i will complete it for sure as i like Yakuza but so far (chapter 2) has been a letdown. –ToAks.

Deep Black , Platinum , what a game , a disaster it is and while i did enjoy it at times i must say that this game is so hard and annoying at times that it ain’t fun to play at all and all the loading.. oh well the platinum is done so i deleted the game and will never look back at it. –ToAks.

Resident Evil:Racoon City, Completed it, another backlog game done and it was actually quite ok game if played online in co-op (thanks g0blin) but the game is broken at places but still it was worth spending some evenings on it and i am heading for Resident Evil 6 next… (UGH!) . –ToAks.

Resident Evil 6, just started it.. don’t like it but i am sure it will be a bit better in Co-Op, need partners in it so feel free to join me!. –ToAks.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown, another backlog game and thanks to a friend we decided to start this one playing locally, really good fun! and hopefully, one that i will complete one day. –ToAks.

Truck Racer, Platinum, another backlog game did…never planned on getting the platinum really but it came by itself while playing the occasional race and then when i noticed there were only like 3 trophies left then i had to chase them.. –ToAks.

I did play others too but nothing mentionable yet as i need to complete them first i think… –ToAks.


Resident Evil: Racoon City: completed. Again! And it was really fun, exploring the entire Raccoon City with ToAks! It was about time to complete this game. Too bad is so short and with a dumb AI. — g0blin

Resident Evil 6: spent a little time there, with a co-op friend. I don’t like this game that much, but for a friend in need … I actually hope I can share some of it with ToAks. I would go straight for the Ada campaign. She’s always so …. entertaining. 🙂 —g0blin

The Amazing Spider-Man: two thirds down the game now. A fair one, which can make some time pass by, while you are waiting for the next movie (out next April) —g0blin.

Castlevania LoS 2: I already posted two articles here. It is good and bad in it. Time will tell if it was worthy or not. If you are in doubt, just wait for the next review. —g0blin

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