Heads up, i am back! been another good week for me and while it did not have as much gaming in it as i would have wished for it was still pretty damned good nonetheless.
Managed to get more backlog games done and i even pulled out some music games too, yes indeed “Uh-oh”.

I have decided to skip the Amiga and Vita section this week as i have done next to nothing on them in terms of games, sorry. –ToAks.

Same as above … 🙁 —g0blin.
Another week and another heavy look at my backlog and luckily the backlog is getting smaller thanks to persistence i have managed to not sidetrack too much out of the main objective of not buying new games or another console before the backlog is done…. well i somewhat managed to do so… –ToAks.

The Bureau:Xcom declassified, Completed it and i wrote an article about it earlier in the week, wonderful game and for sure one of the biggest surprises the last few months/years. It’s so good i actually bought the DLC for it, that is a very uncommon thing for me.–ToAks.

Ratchet & Clank:Nexus, Completed it, finally a good Ratchet game again, there’s been too many R&C game releases lately so i struggled getting into them and i did not expect much from Nexus which is the 3rd and final game in the Tools Of Destruction,A Crack In Time saga. Short game but very good one and luckily far from the disastrous quality of the R&C game from 2012 (Qforce (PAL)or Full Frontal Assault (USA)). Nexus is Well worth my and your time, anytime. –ToAks.

Jetpack Joyride, Completed it, it’s been well over a year since i completed the Vita version and i have planned on doing the PS3 version too but this game is simply much better on a handheld but that said..it took me over a year and now i managed to complete the PS3 version too so now i have 100% on both and my top score (length) is 6802m. –ToAks.

FarCry 3, it’s over a year now since i finished the game but i returned to it for some Co-Op fun… far from Dead Island in terms of gameplay but still fun but those spawn points are a MURDER and not having the ability to save the game before competition is another MURDER as some of the levels took us serval hours to complete!. –ToAks.

Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse, another backlog game and it seems fun enough but nowhere near as complex and annoying as i remembered it to be…. i must be confusing this game with something else for sure…. anyways, i hope to complete this shortly. –ToAks.

Tony Hawk SHRED, a friend bought it so i just had to give it a go… i hate to say it really but the more i played the more i kinda… liked it, it is by all means nothing more than an average game but playing it with my son and a friend for like 5 hours yesterday was very fun, the game provided some very nice control adjustments far out into the game, options that i have not heard about in any reviews!, i will have to play it more one day but i won’t do it alone as it is a party game for sure. –ToAks.

DJ Hero 2, another backlog game… and that for a very good reason… it is brutally annoying and very hard at the same time… after 4 hours of “DJ’ing” i decided to put it back up on the shelf as up till then there had only been 1 really good mix, seriously i can really relate to why Freestyle Games and Activision fell on it’s face with this music franchise. awful!, simply awful!… unless you live and breathe for hip-hop and general bitchslapping music included with controls that would make an octopussy feel out of contol.. –ToAks.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Completed. A fair game, even though it looks like a PS2 game texture-wise. Article due soon. –g0blin.

The Last of Us, Left Behind: slowly progressing. I looks and feels like the main game, but for some reasons DLC always tend to put me in a bad mood, since they feel so distant ad somewhat disconnected from the main story. I guess it would be cool to play it in the middle of the main game while replaying the story. –g0blin.

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