Not spending much time on other things than the PS3 atm, i really should do some work on the Amiga but …naaah… and my streaming stuff really needs to kick off too but naaah… oh well i hope all of this and much more will happen in the next week or so… —ToAks.
Unlike ToAks, my week has been completely devoted to study and to try to code with Hollywood on Amiga. Things are slowly coming up, so I guess I will press on with it. PS3 has been used for very few hours, mainly with Castelvania2. —g0blin.

I am getting ready for the PlayStation 4 … well maybe not as i still have loads of games i have to finish up before i am done with the PS3 but funnily enough i have spent loads of time not playing all these games for a reason really… some of them have been awful, others just boring and 2 others (so far) is not working at all in the PS3…the boot up and then crash, both Downloadable version and Blu-ray versions….. i wonder how many other old games have stopped working over the years of firmware updates and whatnot.. —ToAks.

— FUSE, worst name ever…AAAARGH!, article due soon about this… anyways started the game finally and in co-op of course… i have no idea what to say yet but it feels nothing like a game that Insomniac has ever done before and to me, that is a very bad thing. —ToAks.

— Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse, Completed it finally, it took me some years but now it’s done and while i basically raced through it i still had quite a few laughs but this game is far from as funny as the older one on the PS2/PSP (Family Guy The Video Game). —ToAks.

The Cursed Crusade, this game worked fine for about 10 minutes of gameplay and then it froze…. and since then the game has not worked at all, i have deleted save games, deleted downloadable data stuff and so on… nothing helps… the game won’t even load up to the menu. Ok, so my Bluray is the problem? , no. i went and got the downloadable version as it was dirt cheap… the same problem!. it won’t work. —ToAks.

Zen Pinball , Zen Pinball 2, Marvel Pinball and StarWars Pinball, trying to get trophies in all of them, hard stuff but i love these games and i used to be high on the scoreboards in many of these tables but not so much anymore, I have had loads of fun getting into the leaderboards and trophy counts systems though. —ToAks.

— Defiance, yes… you heard me… i am back!…. new DLC came out this week so naturally i had to come back… well no not really but a friend asked me to come and play so… uh-oh!. more about the new DLC later. —ToAks.

Mad Riders , trying to finish it up, my R2 finger hurts like hell after playing this game so i will have to take it slowly….. —ToAks.

FarCry 3, Co-Op completed.. i had wished that the co-op had been more like Dead Island… anyways i am done now so it’s ok but free roam co-op and story are much better than this half-assed thing. —ToAks.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2: trying to progress with the story, but I have no idea where I am at since there is some backtracking to do and it looks confusing. More info later on. —g0blin.

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