Another week and another delay, 3 days late this one and while i have been busy i still should have had the time for this tiny update post but somehow i ended up forgetting about it… anyways, not much to say really as it’s been all about backlogging and i have done quite a few too… —ToAks.
Same stuff for me here. Studying, working, coding ….. and a little bit of gaming… —g0blin.

FUSE, Completed it, really…. this game is a mess. it is not as bad as Ratchet QForce but close… —ToAks.

— Beat Hazard Ultra, amazing game and one that i have always known was great but it somehow always fell on the backburner… very close to the last trophy now. —ToAks.

— Sorcery, Completed it, finally, i went back to this one!, a very underrated game really and one that i really enjoy but personally i think this game would have been even better if it had been a DualShock game instead of a motion sensor game… —ToAks.

Papo & Yo, Completed it, great game, already did a post earlier in the week. —ToAks.

Mad Riders, Completed it, not a great game but it is fun and crazy, to say the least, oh and it’s cheap too. —ToAks.

Never Dead, Completed it, another surprise game this one, totally loved it! and the crazy thing here is that it is made by the same team that did RIDE TO HELL…. —ToAks.

Virtua Tennis 4, Completed it, good game but much better on the Vita.. —ToAks.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, currently playing this… what a drag!… awfully boring game… hopefully done with it tonight!…. ..ToAks.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: almost reached halfway through. I love the old castle setup … I hate the postmodern scenarios… What a mess! —g0blin.

WonderBook, Walking with Dinosaurs: actually, I’m playing it with my son. Nice little game, and a lot of useful info, especially if you are in 4rth grade. 🙂 —g0blin.

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