Hi, not much to write home about this week as i barely touched any stuff..well other than my Amiga and a little bit of PS3… been fun to test some upcoming games and always rewarding. To all Amiga people out there, you guys got a new nice treat coming your way soon. –ToAks.
As far as I am concerned things went a little bit better compared to Week 13. Still coding a lot, but I finally managed to get some playtime as well. —g0blin.
Yep, the last week have gone into playing quite a fair bit on my Amiga…. guilty as charged.

— Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, awesome game but i need to stop playing it now!!!!.

(not public yet) unknown game, for now, testing and doing some major design changes on it/for them.
Amazing Voxel Bird Saga: yes, this game rocks! I will have to get in touch with Daytona675x. I have a lot of questions to ask …. g0blin.
Not much new on the vita front for me really but when i use it i tend to play…

— Angry Birds Trilogy, i know… i know… it’s so 2009…The PS3 got a few hours of game time but still not all that much really but i did manage to complete 2 games from my backlog and I am happy enough…

Spider-Man : Shattered Dimensions , Completed it, much better than thought initially when i bought it back in 2011.. fun game.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Completed it and it was an ok game but i think the first 1 was much better…
Left Behind (TLoU DLC2): finally completed! At first hand, it felt like more-of-the-same stuff. Going through the original game was both awesome and terribly hard. I must admit, though, that Naughty Dog still confirms itself like one of the best game writers. The story, albeit short, is really worth playing. Well done! –g0blin.

Castlevania LoS2: slowly progressing …. but I don’t have the time. As said before, I like the ancient castle set up. As for the rest …. —g0blin.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in time: a free download from PS+. Really nice game: colorful, consistent and fun. —g0blin

Remember Me: even though it sometimes looks too dark and with low detailed textures, it is definitely my kind of game. Cyberpunk rules! Too bad it is almost on-rail. I believe a more open-world approach would have served a much better purpose. —g0blin.

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