What We Played, Week 15

Just like last week this week have been an amazing amount of Amiga time and no consoles time and i have also been sleeping too much as i have had too many long dayshifts/evening and while fun… it’s all because of the money… —ToAks.
… see above (except the night shift part) 🙂 —g0blin.
Been a lot of Cherry Darling gaming here lately, i should be sick and tired of them by now but nope… they still rule and i see others are playing them a lot too so i hope to see good sales over time and a possibility for them to do more games.

— Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, i should rock in this game by now but every time i get a good score than someone else just cripples it….aaah the fun of online leaderboards. —ToAks.

Ace Of Hearts, awesome game and i have half a million or so on my account by now… love it and the Collectors edition just rocks!. —ToAks.
… same as above, but disregard the online leaderboard stuff. —g0blin.
It’s been on for the last week but i have only been playing 1 game really…… an awful one.

— Thor: God Of Destruction, not as bad as everyone makes it out to be but it’s a mess and really boring at times…. oh and yes …it’s got Wii graphics … —ToAks.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in time: progressing and halfway through the game. Really good and I have fun playing it with my son. —g0blin.

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