Summer is here!!!, no not really but the sun is out and the dark winter nights are gone and that means more time outside than inside so …yup not a busy game week the last week either.. —ToAks.
Needless to say but i spend a lot of time with 2 games these days and i am also playing the third one a lot which will be released in a few weeks/months, i am a proud Amiga’s i am.

— Ace Of Hearts. yes, you guessed it, anyways i got 16 million or something now, climbing the ladder but a long way to the number 1 spot…

— Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, play it too much and i struggle to get close to the world number 1 player atm who has 11 million!!!!…. i am stuck at 2mill something.
Some amazing new games out for the Vita lately and getting Dead Nation Vita for FREE was a very surprising move, i just love the PS+ service…. not tried any of the latest games for the Vita… i should use it more!.

Pinball Heroes: Complete, a PSP port… bad physics and it feels very heavy but the SONY game theme makes this game a must for most gamers out there.
Still playing old games and have that as a goal but somehow a new game snuck into my PS3 drive and that was not MGS5 (yet..)… —ToAks.

Thor: God Of Thunder, Completed it, finally… man this game pissed me off a lot of times and it was long too so i nearly gave up at times and i must admit that i switched to Easy on the second last boss…. what a tosser.. —ToAks.

PAC-MAN And The Ghostly Adventure, i totally love it!!!, this is how 3d platformers should be…or rather how they were in the PS1 and PS2 era, love it to bits and yes it is a mix of most platformers out there so do not expect anything groundbreaking but it does have a few tricks up its sleeves. —ToAks.

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