What We Played, Week 16

Summer is here!!!, no not really but the sun is out and the dark winter nights are gone and that means more time outside than inside so …yup not a busy game week the last week either.. —ToAks.
Needless to say but i spend a lot of time with 2 games these days and i am also playing the third one a lot which will be released in a few weeks/months, i am a proud Amiga’s i am.

— Ace Of Hearts. yes, you guessed it, anyways i got 16 million or something now, climbing the ladder but a long way to the number 1 spot…

— Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, play it too much and i struggle to get close to the world number 1 player atm who has 11 million!!!!…. i am stuck at 2mill something.
Some amazing new games out for the Vita lately and getting Dead Nation Vita for FREE was a very surprising move, i just love the PS+ service…. not tried any of the latest games for the Vita… i should use it more!.

Pinball Heroes: Complete, a PSP port… bad physics and it feels very heavy but the SONY game theme makes this game a must for most gamers out there.
Still playing old games and have that as a goal but somehow a new game snuck into my PS3 drive and that was not MGS5 (yet..)… —ToAks.

Thor: God Of Thunder, Completed it, finally… man this game pissed me off a lot of times and it was long too so i nearly gave up at times and i must admit that i switched to Easy on the second last boss…. what a tosser.. —ToAks.

PAC-MAN And The Ghostly Adventure, i totally love it!!!, this is how 3d platformers should be…or rather how they were in the PS1 and PS2 era, love it to bits and yes it is a mix of most platformers out there so do not expect anything groundbreaking but it does have a few tricks up its sleeves. —ToAks.

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