Still summer! , painting the house… trying to make a garden and playing some games in the evening, this is life!…. —ToAks.
Very, very busy time for me …. again. I apologize i totally skipped week 16, and this one wasn’t much better in terms of gaming time. I addition, we had a few holidays dedicated to son and relative, so almost nothing new on my front. ..–g0blin.
Not much to report here other than that i have been playing the usual games when i have had some spare time…. not all that much then but still. —ToAks.

— Ace Of Hearts, still fun! and some insane amount of money banked by now!. —ToAks.

Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, my mouse is getting worn out here, there will be an update at some point fixing a few things. —ToAks.
Amazingly i managed to finish a few games the last week, been a good week all considered and while it may not have been all that amazing games in terms of what “YOU” think i still had fun so hehe.. —ToAks.

Ben 10 Omniverse 2, Completed , been on my harddrive for months..finally got around to play it and delete it…. hardly a revolutionary game and it wasn’t all that fun either… i will post the twitch tonight…maybe, i have been considering it for a while but i sorta made an ass out of myself while playing…. —ToAks.

One Piece:Pirate Warrior , another one that i grabbed ultra cheap, quite good game actually and while it is quite similar to Dynasty Warriors it’s still fun.. more about it later. —ToAks.

PAC-MAN And The Ghostly Adventure, Completed it and i think it was a fun ride, if you got kids then you can’t go wrong with this title really!. The article already up here. —ToAks.

— Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City: ….again? Well, I cannot escape that deadly town and I have to go back for a multiplayer session, from time to time. —g0blin.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in time, Completed: great game. Very colorful and lots of fun. —g0blin.

PS by g0blin: I’m playing Amazing Voxel Bird Saga both on Android and iPad. Does it count?

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