Used the Amiga lots the last week and 99% of it was productive stuff so yes something new will be released soon, a game or 2 perhaps and i am also confident in that my XE needs new cooling paste on the CPU as well as proper anchoring for the AGP slot as my Radeon card keeps sliding out a few mm and i fear the system gets unstable because of it.
(still not hooked up the Pegasos 2….)

A Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, expect a new version soon with lots of changes to its core which make it much better than before (speed and visually).

Ace Of Hearts, trying to hit rank 1 on Amiga + iOS just to get people playing it more again as it somewhat stagnated on the leaderboards.

Unnamed game (Still Secret), heavy testing and dev atm and it is a full-blown remake of a commercial 2001 game, expect some news soon (yes it is the same game i have mentioned since about August 2013.) (it will be a full priced title when it is released to the public).

Still working on my project here, so the Miggy was mostly used for coding. —g0blin

— One Piece: Pirate Warrior, still cool and still very Dynasty Warriors-like and i will buy the sequel as soon as i complete this one.

— Raiden IV: Overkill, Completed, bullet hell game, awesome too and i already made a video and article about it a few days ago here.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2, Completed: I finally made it! CLoS2 is not a bad game in itself. The “medieval” set up is still very good, but the magic is lost. Compared to the first installment, this game is very substandard, but it can still entertain you. Article due soon. –g0blin.

Batman Arkham Origins: Black gate: I tried the demo out. It is a port to PS3 of the Vita title and it shows. Nonetheless, it’s peculiar mechanics and the comic-like FMV are really cool (IMHO). I’ll give the full game a try real soon. —g0blin.

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