My Amiga friends most likely see me as a pest by now as i keep nagging for either help or stuff to test or them to speed up development progress and so on, sorry guys but i want to get stuff released…

Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, beta testing did and new version due soon, faster, better and still awesome. —ToAks.

I also had the pleasure to start a few other projects, more news in due time.
Not used the PS3 much lately but when it was used it was a pleasure as always, amazing console and my son prefer this one over the PS4 for now because of the games naturally.

Need For Speed Rivals, trying to platinum it. playing online atm.

Sports Champions 2, had a go at Golf, Bowling and skiing with my son, he loved it and he won…. wtf?.

I managed to have some free time, this past week. A little bit of less coding and some game time with my favorite one:

Batman Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart (DLC): a very nice DLC, following BatmanAO main plot, kinda like what happened with Arkham City. This time the focus is not on Catwoman but on Mr. Freeze. Brrrr!

Soul Calibur: Lost Sword: a single player, online only, free to play product. I barely skimmed the surface, here. Not bad, but there are better products IMHO (Dead or Alive 5, for instance);

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: nice game, more refined than the first one and more difficult to play (web-spinning in particular). Sadly, nothing really new here. More info coming soon.

Ni No Kuni: I finished this game many moons ago, but I keep playing it. It’s fantastic!

Lots of games to play on the PS4 but i am taking it slowly, too many games and i want to enjoy them!…

Infamous Second Son, amazing game, totally blown away of it. having great fun and doing all side missions etc while i go for the “hero” ending.

RESOGUN, Completed it, i hate Defender by nature but this one made me like it a little bit more but i still want a Super Stardust PS4 title!.

Flower, my god! the PS3 extravaganza just got better. what a flow.. totally in love. peace of mind!.

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