Things have calmed down a bit now as most testing projects and dev stuff is over for now so when i used the Amiga the last week it was fun and real life stuff but that said i did squeeze in some time for.

Amazing Voxel Bird Saga, getting a good score can be hard on your hands…and i have to pause it a lot, 30 minutes in one go is normal at the moment.

— Amijeweled, 7 years or so now…time moves way too fast but this bejeweled clone is awesome and i recommend this as much today as i did when it was released back in 2007.


I finally got back to coding, after 10 days off due to work and family constraints. But I find a little time for playing:

Amazing Voxel Bird Saga: actually, I quit! I did it right the moment I realized my 9-year-old son was able to triple whichever score I managed to achieve…. 🙁 Great game, though. —g0blin
Found some time for the (yet) best console for me in over a decade or 2, i mostly played older titles but mainly and i can shorten my backlog…many to go still but i enjoy it a lot.

Need For Speed:Rivals, Platinum !, finally done with all the grinding and i would never had bothered if it hadn’t been for friends who wanted to play online with me… we basically did not play together but chat helps and it is always fun to ram a friend or 3 when you spot em.


— Batman AO: still involved in “New Story +”. It has a very high difficulty setting, and I must have tried that boss battle with Bane at least 20 times before succeeding. —g0blin

Getting the grips and understanding more of how it all works now but there are so many hidden menus or illogical placed items /*submenus that right now i would like to go as far as saying it’s degrading my “OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!” to an hmm why is this menu placed here? , why do i have to click 3 menus to invite someone, why can i not sort items.. why are the icons covering 40% of the screen? so many things … anyway, i have sent suggestions to them on the mailing lists (yes i am still on the SCEE lists ;)…

Infamous Second Son, Completed it and it is one heck of a game and i have done everything now on “hero” including all shards and so on, evil mode left is all.

The Playroom, tech app/game for the new motion and camera combo, cute stuff and fun too but even with the free DLC and the game itself being free doesn’t stop it from becoming very stale after the wow that is so cool feeling wears off, article with video due soon.

Flower, Completed it, fun game and still amazes me after playing the PS3 and Vita versions through completion before.

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