OMG HOW I LOVE THE VITA!, i hate playing on it really but it is so great when you get the right games for it, i won’t use it all that much for now but a new game was released last week and it is yet another one of those FREE TO PLAY games, yup it’s another casual game..

Treasures Of Montezuma:Arena , this is the long awaited sequel to TOM Blitz which is in my mind one of the best games on the Vita.. if this sequel is better or worse remains to be seen but i will do a review once i have played it enough to get the feeling of it.
First week in years that i have not used the PS3 for anything special, feels very strange… will return to it this week for sure.. —ToAks.
Not used it all that much really but when i did then i enjoyed having mad fun with some game or two, i have decided to not buy much and just play the free stuff so i ended up with cheap frills like Watchdogs and Wolfenstein…. —ToAks.

Need For Speed:Rivals , yes i know i have platinum on the PS3 version but i love the game so i will try and go for the platinum here too, the A.I is stronger and more agressive so the game is actually annoying hard at times but i am determined to get that plat so..

Wolfenstein, borrowing it from a friend at work, what i have seen so far have been amazing!, feels very retro but yet very in the “now” , i will do an article when i have completed it.

Watch dogs, yup i ended up with yet another sandbox game, i tried it and it seems cool but i will focus on it when i will be able to stay awake for more than 1 hour after i get home from work….

Edit by g0blin:

Nothing major to report on my side. I’m still so much involved in my project that I didn’t have time for anything else. I bought, as you guys know, Watch_Dogs (PS3 edition), but I just skimmed it’s surface.

Nothing else really happened, aside from completing Wonderbook:Walking with Dinosaurs with my son …. 🙂

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