Not much going on for me games atm, too much stuff to do outside and it’s been very crazy at work too. —ToAks.
Same stuff here. In addition, this past weekend has been full of family matters, so even the coding side on the Amiga moved to the back burner. I did have some time for a couple of things though … —g0blin.
The PS3 is still my favorite choice among my consoles, too many games to play and while i got the PS4 i still turn to my PS3 to play games on that one too. i wish the PS4 controller would work better on the PS3 as it just rules!. —ToAks.

Sports Champions 2, my son loves the bowling and skiing events so we had some fun with it on Saturday, i still think Sports Champions 1 was much, much better!. —ToAks.

— RIO. another game my son loves to play so we played that one too quite a bit, didn’t earn a single trophy in several hours of game time. seems i have got most of the easy ones a couple years ago then… —ToAks.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: I probably reached mid-game now, which is loaded with consecutive boss fights. I won’t go into details to avoid spoilers, but it does get rowdy.. —g0blin.
What to say.. i got loads of free games to play and i love them but i turn to Need For Speed: Rivals every time… why’s that?.. i got watchdogs and Wolfenstein too… aaargh!.. ohwell it just shows how much i like NFS then i guess… —ToAks.

— Need For Speed Rivals, nearly done with Racer part, wonder how the A.I will be on the Police side as so far the PS4 gameplay has been much harder than the PS3 one due to more cars, more aggressive A.I etc. —ToAks.

Wolfenstein New Order, plays brilliantly, looks ace. need to play this more!. —ToAks..

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, another free game, port of the PS3 classic. wonderful game but i must add that it doesn’t look amazing anymore.. well at least compared to other PS4 titles that are. —ToAks.

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