Not much going on really but i am back at testing a new game due very soon (hopefully), i was testing it for months last year but development stagnated due to various reasons but thankfully the project continued a few days ago and motivation is very big too. —ToAks.
Believe it or not, my vita was used a lot this week, by a lot, i mean more than expected thanks to 1 guy and 1 game…..aaaaargh!.. —ToAks.

— Farming Simulator, yes it is what it says ..a farmer game and while this is the old one from last year i still like it a lot and i am really hooked too and i have a feeling that i might get 2014 version as soon as i finish this one. —ToAks.
Too little time means less PS3 time since my PS4 is the one i use right now but i managed to fit some time for the PS3 too. —ToAks.

Jimmie Johnson’s: Anything With An Engine, what a strange game, US only atm and maybe that’s a good thing too, i might get really hooked on this one eventually as i like odd and strange games with low production values… —ToAks.


I managed to get some time off my main business, this last week, so I got some time on PS3 as well. Here’s how it went:

Batman: AO – Cold, cold heart DLC: finally completed! Very nice DLC, even if, for some weird reasons, controls sometimes felt not as responsive as in the main game. It could have been only an impression, though. — g0blin.

The Last of Us Multiplayer: after a few months off, I delved into it once again. Difficult but AWESOME. And a new DLC is out on PSN with a lot of additional new MP maps.– g0blin.

Watch_Dogs: restarted from scratch. It feels part “DeusEx” and part “GTA” (in a good way, I mean). Not the jawbreaking graphics and totally interactive stuff that they originally showed us, but a nice game nonetheless. Stay tuned for more info. —g0blin.
So much to learn and so few games yet no time to play and enjoy it as much as i want to, awesome console… —ToAks.

— Need For Speed: Rivals, Platinum number 84! , love this game and yes i already did platinum the PS3 version too… shame it’s a year until the next NFS game. —ToAks.

— Wolfenstein: New Order, Seriously this game rules and it amazes me how much Nazi activity there is in this game. kick ass game and the best FPS on the PS4 for sure. —ToAks.

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