Another very slow week, so slow that i forgot to post the weekly status.. —ToAks.
I use it daily but i not for games atm, will return when i have more time though. —ToAks.
I use it daily as well, but only for coding. Will it ever end? I need to go back to gaming…. g0blin.
Got to love this handheld now in the summer and i have got to use it quite a bit lately as having it switched on while relaxing in the sun, after some swimming etc. —ToAks.

Farming Simulator, wonderfully addictive game, posted an article about it a few days ago. —ToAks.
Nothing, nothing at all really. —ToAks.
Watch_Dogs: I finally (re)started it and I’m trying to get the most out of it in my spare time from coding. I like it even though, after all the hype of the last two years, I expected a more “underground” set up. It has a gazillion things to do, but I can’t stand the fact that the controls layout cannot really be changed. So I keep messing up…

The Last of Us, multiplayer campaign: a new DLC came out (maps etc). Still an AWESOME game with probably the best MP campaign ever (IMHO)
Not really used either the ps4, PS3 and the Amiga(s) but here is what i did try …

Wolfenstein: New Order, not much to say other than this is the best shooter on the PS4. —ToAks.

Sniper Elite 3, Kickass good game, barely tried it. —ToAks.

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