Ok so these weekly updates will hit very closely for now as last weeks one was posted 2 days ago and now this week is today and as some of you probably know is that these weekly ones are supposed to be out on Wednesdays… so yes you can expect another one in a few days… –ToAks.
Ok, as always.. the Amiga is either heavily used for games or not at all, i use the machine(s) for work and various other stuff but yes also games when time permits it.. –ToAks.

Beta test finished of the secret game i have been talking about for about…a year now, wonderful game and it is being released very shortly now, let’s hope a publisher steps up soon… we need a proper Amiga App Store…, anyways, a full review due very soon. —ToAks.

Beta testing of g0blin’s game continues and i promised to join in again, i have been very busy with other things lately but i will do my stuff now and i can help out my friends and colleagues. —ToAks.

Voxel Bird Saga beta testing new version(s), big updates and speed increases as Daniel have found various issues with mining. —ToAks.
Not much to say other than, yup i have been farming again… –ToAks.

Farming Simulator, i thought the platinum would be here by now but my god this is one heck of a grind… not sure if i will bother with getting it as i looks like it will be at least 20 more hours of grinding…. —ToAks.
AAAAAAAAAARGH, summer sales… AAARGH! .. yup i bought some game because it was so dirt cheap!.. damn!… —ToAks.

— Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Out Of The Shadows, people claim it’s the worst game on the PS3 and had to check it out!.. sadly it was not the worst game on the PS3.. i played it for a few hours and it was fun enough… stale but ok enough , not tried Co-op yet, will soon enough.. i doubt i would have bought it without a sale but hey hey this is why sales are so cool. —ToAks..
Love the party chats on this console (same as on the Vita though), never a problem organizing a chat.. good stuff!. NEED MORE GAMES!!! … oh wait..i have a backlog of 40 games probably… well all free PS+ games since November… and Watchdogs, Wolfenstein etc bah!. —ToAks.

Wolfenstein, amazing game IMHO, has a few hitches but it is very long and fun (sigh…) in all seriousness it is a great game, long too. —ToAks.

Sniper Elite 3: Afrika, a cool game from the creators of the worst PS3 game ever (Ride To …) but they have done some pretty ok games over the years too so i do not regret getting any of their games really. A wonderful game in CO-OP too. —ToAks.

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