Playstation 2


PS2 Game list with PS3 Compatibility info:

007 James Bond – Agent Under Fire1.90(OOO)SLES 50539Yes
007 James Bond – From Russia With Love2.30(OO )SLESYes
187 Ride Or Die1.93(OO )SLES 52276Yes
24: The Game1.90(OOO)SCES 53358Yes
Akira Psycho Ball1.93(OOO)SLES 50919Yes
Amplitude1.90(OO )SLES 51706Yes
Bass StrikeSLES
Beverly Hills Cop1.90(OO )SLES 54456No
Beyond Good & Evil1.900(OOO)SLES 51917No
Big Mutha Truckers 21.930(XXX)SLES 52980No
Black1.930(OOO)SLES 54030Yes
Black And Bruised1.900(OOO)SLES 51620No
Burnout1.930(OOO)SLES 50445No
Burnout 2SLES
Burnout 3SLES
Burnout Dominator1.930(OOO)SLES 54681Yes
Burnout Revenge1.93(OOO)SLES 53507Yes
Buzz Junior – Ace Racers2.50(X )SCES
Buzz Junior – Dinos2.17(X )SCES 54750
Buzz Junior – Jungle Party1.90(X )SCES 54220
Buzz Junior – Monster Rumble2.00(X )SCES 54703
Buzz Junior – Robojam1.90(X )SCES 54701
Buzz Mega Quiz1.90(OOO)SCES 54507
Buzz The Big Quiz1.90(OOO)SCES 53926
Call Of Duty 21.90(OOO)SLES 53415Yes
Castlevania1.90(OOO)SLES 52118No
Cel Damage Overdrive1.93(OOO)SLES 51554No
Circuit Blasters1.93(OOO)SLES 53090Yes
City Crisis1.93(OOO)SLES 50364Yes
Colin McRae Rally 041.93(O )SLES 51824Yes
Crash Nitro Kart

Crash – Twinsanity

1.90(OOO)SLES 52568Yes
Crash Bandicoot Mind Over Mutant2.50(X )SCES
Crash Bandicoot Wrath Of Cortex1.90(OOO)SLES 50386PYes
Crash Of The Titans1.93(OOO)?????Yes
Crash Tag Team Racing1.90(O )SLES 53439Yes
Crashed1.93(XXX)SLES 50843No
Crazy Frog Racer1.93(OOO)SLES 53869No
Crusty Demons1.90(XXX)SLES 54146No
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 3 Dimension Of Murder1.93(OOO)SLES 54465No
Dance:UK1.93(OOO)SLES 51991No
Dancing Stage Fever1.93(OOO)SLES 51757
Dancing Stage Fusion1.93(OOO)SLES 52598
Dancing Stage MAX1.93(XXX)SLES 53218Yes
Dancing Stage MegaMix1.93(OOO)SLES 51510
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition2.30(OOO)SLESYes
Disney’s Donald Duck PK2.35(OOO)SLES 50773No
Disney’s Donald Duck – Quak Attack2.30(OO )SLESNo
Downtown RunSLES
Driv3r1.93(XXX)SLES 50876Yes
Driv3r (second copy)1.93(XXX)SLES 50876Yes
Driver – Parallel Lines1.93(OOO)SLES 54027Yes
Eyetoy PlaySLES
Eyetoy Play 2SLES
Evil Dead – A Fistful Of Boomstick1.90(OOO)SLES 51588No
Everblue 2SLES
Family Guy1.90(OOO)SLES 54394Yes
FIFA Football 20051.90(OOO)SLES 52559
FlatOut1.90(OOO)SLES 52753Yes
FlatOut 22.30(OOO)SLESYes
Flipnic1.93(OOO)SLES 52065Yes
Forbidden Siren 21.93(X )SLES 53851Yes
Ford Racing 20.00()SLES 51705No
Ford Racing 30.00()SLES 52720No
From Russia With Love2.17(O )SCESYes
George Of The Jungle2.36OOOSLES 54975No
Ghost Rider1.93(OOO)SLES 54317Yes
God Of War1.93(OOO)SLES 53133Yes
God Of War II1.90(OOO)SCES 54206Yes
Golden Eye Rogue Agent1.90(OOO)SLES 52974Yes
Gottlieb Pinball Classics1.93(OOO)SLES 54181Yes
Gran Turismo 31.93(OOO)SLES 50294No
Gran Turismo 41.93(OOO)SLES 50294No
Guitar Hero1.90(XXX)SLES 54093Yes
Hardware Online Arena1.90(OO )SCES 52677No
Harley Davidson Motorcycles:Road To R.1.93(OOO)??????No
Harry Potter And The Chambers Of Sec1.90(XXX)SLES 51192PNo
Hugo – Bukkazoom1.90(OOO)SLES 52102
ICO1.93(OOO)SLES 50760Yes
Indiana Jones And The Emperor’s Tomb1.90(OOO)SLES 50836Yes
Jacked1.93(OOO)SLES 53778No
Jackie Chan Adventures1.90(OOO)SCES 52412Yes
Jak And Daxter The Last Frontier1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
Jak 31.93(OOO)SCES 52460Yes
Jak X1.93(XXX)SCES 53286PYes
Jordbær Matilde – Søte Drømmer Spillet1.90(OOO)SLES 54309Yes
Judge Dredd – Dredd vs Death1.93(OOO)SLES 51649Yes
Killer 72.35(OOO)SLES 53366Yes
Killzone1.90(O )SCES 52004PYes
Klonoa 2 – Lunatea’s Veil2.35(OOO)SCES 50354No
Legacy Of Kain – Defiance1.93(OOO)SLES 52150Yes
Legend Of Kay1.90(OOO)SLES 52931Yes
London Racer II1.93(OOO)SLES 50955No
Made Man1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
Mashed – Fully Loaded1.93(OOO)SLES 53152Yes
Maximo Vs Army Of Zin2.35(OOO)SLES 51759Yes
Medal Of Honor Frontline1.90(OOO)SLES 50684Yes
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty1.93(OOO)SLES 50383Yes
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater1.93(OOO)SLES 82013Yes
Micro Machines1.93(OOO)SLES 50820Yes
Midway Arcade Treasures 31.93(OOO)SLES 53666No
Monster Jam1.93(OOO)SLES 50908Yes
Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks1.90(X )SLES 53524Yes
Okami1.90(OOO)SLES 54439Yes
Psi-Ops:The Mindgate Conspiracy1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
Need For Speed Underground2.35(OOO)SLES 51967No
Need For Speed Underground 22.35(OOO)SLES 52725No
Ninja Assault2.36(OOO)SCES 50889No
Outrun 2006 Coast To Coast1.90(XXX)SLES 53998Yes
Parappa Tha Rappa 22.42(OOO)SCES 50408Yes
Peter Jackson’s King Kong The Official…1.90(OOO)SLES 53703Yes
Pitfall – The Lost Expedition1.90(OOO)SLES 51686Yes
PlayIt Pinball1.93(OOO)SLES 51555Yes
Pirates Of The Caribbean – The Legend..1.90(OOO)SLES 54083Yes
Prince Of Persia – Sands Of Time1.93(OOO)SLES 51918Yes
Prince Of Persia – Warrior Within1.93(OOO)SLES 52822Yes
Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones1.93(OOO)SLES 53777Yes
Pro Evolution Soccer 21.90(OOO)SLES 51114
Pro Evolution Soccer 31.90(OOO)SLES 51912
Psychonauts1.90(OOO)SLES 53830Yes
R-Type Final0.00( )SLES 51952No
Ratchet Gladiator1.93(O )??????No
Rayman 31.90(OOO)SLES 51222Yes
Rayman Raving Rabbids1.90(OOO)SLES 54307Yes
Red Dead Revolver1.90(OOO)SLES 52478Yes
Red Faction1.90(OOO)SLES 50277Yes
REZ2.36(OOO)SCES 50501
Risk Global Domination1.90(OOO)SLES 51660
Rise To Honour1.90(OOO)SCES 51971Yes
Road Trip Adventure1.93(OOO)SLES 51356No
Robin Hood 2:The SiegeSLES
Rugby 20041.90(OOO)SLES 51732P
Rumble RacingSLES
SEGA Classics Collection2.40(OOO)SLES 53461Yes
SEGA Superstars2.35(OOO)SLES 52834
Shadow Of The Colossus1.90(OOO)SCES 53326Yes
Shox1.90(OOO)SLES 51144Yes
SingStar Legends1.90(OOO)SCES 54191
Sly Racoon2.35(OOO)SCES 50917Yes
Sly 21.90(OOO)SCES 52529Yes
Sly 31.90(OOO)SCES 53409Yes
SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals: Combined Assault2.10(OOO)SCES 54477No
Speed Kings1.93(XX )SLES 50848Yes
Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy1.90(OOO)SLES 51831Yes
Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow1.93(OOO)SLES 52149No
Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run2.01(OOO)SLES 54130Yes
Spyro: A Hero’s Tale1.93(OOO)SLES 52569Yes
Spyro: Enter The DragonFly1.93(OOO)SLES 51043Yes
Spyro – The Legend Of: The Eternal Night1.93(XX )SLES 54815>No
SSX Tricky1.90(XXX)SLES 50545Yes
Star Wars:Episode III Revenge Of The Si.1.90(OOO)SLES 53155No
Stuntman2.01(OO )SLES 50288Yes
Stuntman Ignition1.92(OOO)SLES 54820Yes
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe1.93(OOO)SLES 53037Yes
Syberia II1.90(OOO)SLES 52831Yes
Taito Legends1.93(OOO)SLES 53438No
Tak And The Guardians Of Grossx.xx(???)SLES 55376No
Terminator – The. Dawn Of Fate1.90(OOO)SLES 50922Yes
Terminator 3 – Rise Of The Machines1.90(XXX)SLES 52152Yes
Test Drive OverdriveSLES
The Great Escape1.90(OOO)SLES 51315Yes
The Lord Of The Rings – The Two Towers1.90(OO )SLES 51252Yes
The Matrix: Path Of Neo1.90(OO )SLES 53799Yes
The Operative: No One Lives Forever1.90(OO)SLES 50592Yes
The Punisher1.93(OOO)SLES 53047Yes
The Simpsons – Road Rage1.93(OOO)SLES 50540Yes
The Simpsons – Hit & Run0.00()SLES 51897No
Tim Burton’s The Night Before Xmas 21.90(OOO)SLES 53192Yes
Time Splitters 21.93(OOO)SLES 50877Yes
Time Splitters – Future Perfect1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
Time Splitters – Future Perfect (Double Copy)1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
TMNT:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2.01(OOO)SLES 54478Yes
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
Tomb Raider – Legend2.17(OOO)SCES 53908Yes
Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam2.01(OOO)SLES 54714Yes
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 21.90(OOO)SLES 52709Yes
Twisted Metal Black Online1.90(OO )SCES 51480
Viewtifull Joe1.90(OOO)SLES 52678Yes
We Love Katamari1.93(OOO)SLES 52993Yes
WipeOut Fusion1.93(OOO)SLES 50005Yes
World Tour1.90(OOO)SLES 51126Yes
Worms Blast1.90(OOO)SLES 50589No
WRC Rally Evolved1.93(X )??????Yes
XG3: Extreme-G Racing1.90(OOO)SLES 50210Yes
XIII1.90(OOO)SLES 51244Yes
Xyanide Resurrection2.01(O )SLES 54784Yes
Yakuza2.30(OOO)SLUS 54171Yes
Yakuza 22.40(OOO)SLES 55242Yes


XXX= Wont Work At All.
XX= Boots But Not Playable.
X= Playable but various problems/Glitches That Cripples the fun.
OOO= No problems noticed/Seems To Work Perfect.
OO= Works but minor issues that doesnt affect the gameplay (menu trash/movie playback etc).
O= Works but choppy framerate issues.
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