Adrian Cummings and his studio Mutation Software returns to the Amiga.

A new game is in the works and several of his old classics will get a re-release.

The new game WIZ will launch later this year, it will be released both physical and Digitally.

The planned re-releases = Tin Toy Adventure, Castle Kingdoms and Tommy Gun, all to be sold in physical form only (Collector’s items ).

The website is up but it is not possible to order anything yet.

Go to this website for more information

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5 thoughts on “Mutation Software Returns to The Amiga After 22 Years

  1. I’ve since finally escaped Facebook & Messenger for good in June 2020. Anyone interested in Wiz for Amiga albeit slow but sure project development, can follow the project on Instagram here…

    Later as the project matures video will be made available via YouTube of course.

    Cheers for your support thus far,


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