Sorcery – The Last PS Move Great?


The PSMove series had quite a few great announcements, this was one of the first ones, but thanks to development hell this ended up being one of the very last major PSMove titles to come out. Well worth your money.

Sorcery SONY Exclusive PSMove PS3

Sorcery arrived in my postbox today, I had canceled the preorder as I went with the PSN downloadable version instead but now I got both versions.

Lovely box and its great to see that Sony decided to hold onto the “blue” box design of their move games, fits perfectly on the shelf with the rest of the PlayStation Move games.

Shame that SCEE didn’t go for the “blue style” design from the very first day of the Move release.


About the game, in my opinion, its a great game and while I expected it to be somewhat different after seeing the 2010 E3 teaser but I never expected it to be so “casual” , i hope the game will sell loads as its one of those “it really should sell loads but probably won’t since there’s next to no marketing”.

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