-My GOD- the Amiga is on a roll these days and i wish more developers would return soon as there are certainly enough people out there who are willingly sharing closed source code out there just to let us Amiga’s get the opportunity to port and sell the game(s) on our beloved systems.

What am i going on about? , well Wings Remastered Edition is yet another Multiplatform project and it is in development for all current and future systems like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Linux,pc and mac and many more and best of all (for us) is that they will give Amiga developers the opportunity to port it too. (thanks to SSolie/Hyperion whom i think have arranged this deal back when he got the license to all include Cinemaware games as a contribution with AmigaOS 4.1.x ).

Wings Remastered is a Kickstarter Project which means it is deep need of money and with less than 30 days to go, the goal is $85.000 USD and right now $14.000 has been banked, will it make its goal? we don’t know yet but let’s hope it will but then again… Kickstarters either go viral or not and in most cases they don’t.
Notice how the Amiga version is mentioned in the Mac Version but i guess that is just a way for them to describe it as it will use that source tree for it as a base.
Gotta say this game looks amazing but then i realized how it was concept art pictures but luckily there is a window 5 level demo version available for download for the people out there who wants to give it a closer look (i haven’t got a win machine and I had to rely on the video i have embedded below..)
By the looks of things they have decided to include all of the original 1990 Amiga classics level designs like the bomber runs (to down), 3d cockpit and so on modes aswell as the awesome story stuff and music.

Wings to me is another gem of the past and while a lot of oldies have lost its magic over the years i certainly will not say that about Wings as back when i was beta testing the contribution addon pack for AmigaOS4.1 i played Wings and Rocket Ranger for more than 10 Hours each easily, amazing games even though some might find them simple these days.
For some reason the Kickstarter managed to complete a 5 level demo and then decided to go Kickstarter, is this because they ran out of money? or is this so they can afford development kits or is it just plain and simple down to the fact that it is an easy way to get some easy startup money?
Be aware of the fact that Kickstarter is a type of pre-order(s) so if you pledge/support then you get what you want as there is some preselected options/choices as well as a minimum and endless one.

The link to this Kickstarter project is below and while i try to stay away from adding links and commercials on this blog…well, right now i wished i could have littered it with Cinemaware links, ok..i kid, i kid.

Cinemaware was one of the most popular developers/publishers back in the mid 80s to early 90s before they went bust and they made lots of classic games and while i enjoy most if not all i can safely say that games like Defender Of The Crown, Rocket Ranger, King Of Chicago and of course Wings are some of my all-time Amiga (and other formats) favorites.

In the Early 2000’s Cinemaware tried to do a comeback, they failed to make a big entry and somehow managed to spew out some GBA games that i never bothered with and then afterwards(?) they managed to release Defender Of The Crown for the PS2 (under a robin hood name…?) without me knowing it… now that’s marketing.

Will, you pledge/support this Kickstarter? i personally think you should but i am biased so.

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3 thoughts on “Wing It , It’s A Kickstarter! – Wings Remastered

  1. Bummer, the images do not show on the page. Wings as a game would have been just outside my top ten. You could play the game missions for hours, but it did not have the same depth of playability or trickery as most other games. Cabal is about the same in terms of playability ease, but there is so much happening on the screen that trickery and randomness in games really makes it playable.
    I recently played a few missions on Wings. The time quickly got away from me, as you can see.

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