21 thoughts on “Yawn.. who said internet was broken on PS4?

  1. Hattori Hamza

  2. What game is 860 gigs ?

    • Haha the future eh?.

      Nah just transfer of hdd image via ethernet

  3. da fuck do you mean by slow?!

  4. Balla habal transfer… Not fucking download

  5. Vincenzo Petrillo

  6. Wow! Everyone can do that!

  7. Ali Aboul Hasan lk 3ndo ma asr3a bl gb nhna bl mb bda sine kf iza 3am n3ml hal upp bda sine la to5las

  8. Maybe upgrade your internet.

  9. U downloading porn Tony? 😀 😀 😀

  10. Hadi Assaf

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