I can hear the crowd at the E3 go, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! not another Zombie game! but at the same time, i can hear the people in the back screaming for more as this new announced Dead Island game has yet another AAA trailer presentation and these trailers from Techland is one of the reasons the press seem to follow the series more than normal.

Dead Island 2 is actually the 3rd game but Riptide (the sequel) was more of an Add-on but since it was so big they decided to make it a full blown game instead of just and DLC add-on, cash in the title if you like.

I love Zombies, i love CO-OP and i love cheap thrills and spills so DEAD ISLAND comes naturally to me, luckily i bought and played the first game half a year after release so i never got those game breaking bugs and savegame wipes as i fear those would have pissed me so much off that i would have ignored the series since then.

Check Out the trailer below.

Sadly the game won’t be out until spring 2015 and with the delays of techland titles lately this probably means 2016 by spring next year…., Hellraid and Dying Light are after all delayed more than over a year by now…. anyways i am willing to wait for any Techland title as they got something that other teams do not have but sadly i can’t put my finger at it… but i guess it’s because of the style and presentation, they’re not trying to be number 1…they’re trying to make fun games…

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