For some inexplicable reasons For Honor is one of those game that, albeit very inspiring, ended up in disappearing from my radar, probably obscured by a wild bunch of AAA titles. In the past few months old and new IPs clustered my vision resulting in a complete overlook of this promising title.

Luckily, Ubisoft knows how to do business and so I was one night, patrolling downtown Manhattan as a Division agent, that I stumbled into the following poster, cleverly placed inside one of the safe houses I continuously visit…

Tom Clancy's The Division™_20160611162821

At that point, the damage was done, so I enrolled into the alpha testing program and here I am, reporting my first impression, built up during last weekend testing campaign.

For Honor_20160915091737

For Honor is a brand new Ubisoft title, due to February 14th, 2017, which features sword matches among hordes of enemies and feels like a well-done mix between the 1-vs-1 battles of the excellent Bushido Blade and the massive battles of the music titles like Dynasty Warriors.


For Honor is a multiplayer oriented title which, unlike other games of the moment, also features a full-fledged story campaign. The alpha code, anyway, featured only the basic multiplayer mode, which at the moment are:

  • Duel: a classic PVP match, one versus one;
  • Brawl: a 2-vs-2 match, where strategy becomes very important since you can slash your first opponent and then help your teammate to overwhelm the other enemy;
  • Dominion: my favourite one, which sports a 4-vs-4 match where you have to conquer and maintain control points, defending your castle or trying to invade you enemy ones.

For a better comprehension of these game modes, I recorded a video. The funny thing is that despite Ubisoft clearly stated on their website that alpha tester was free to publish, or even stream, game sessions, YouTube initially blocked my video claiming a copyright violation. I just addressed them to For Honor official website and here we are…

The game gives you the opportunity to impersonate your favourite warrior. Even though it is not accurate from a History point of view, you can choose among Vikings, Knights or Samurai that will all fight in the same arena. As said, not accurate, but I like it!

For Honor_20160915151812 For Honor_20160915151825

Despite being an alpha code, the graphics are outstanding and I never had a noticeable drop in frame rate. In addition, I really seldom experienced a server lockout, so my first impression is very positive.

For Honor_20160915152636

For Honor_20160915152809

For Honor_20160915152907

The customization level is very high and progressing in the game will soon give you access to better weapons, armours and the likes. Emblems and appearance are yours to tinker with, and the better you are in combat, more XP you will obviously get and, in addition, you will receive additional item resulting from an automatic loot of the current battlefield.

For Honor_20160915153332 For Honor_20160915153348

For Honor_20160915160905 For Honor_20160916184236

For Honor_20160915161304 For Honor_20160915161354

In the end, I believe this game has a very high potential and I’m looking forward to the next test session to experiment with it a little more.

For Honor_20160915155818 For Honor_20160915154542

This time, in fact, I concentrated only on the “offline” matches, meaning that I did enter coop sessions but I played against AI opponents. Next time I do want to test my skills against human players, a much more challenging experience indeed.

For Honor_20160915184658

Also, I want to test out Vikings and Knight, more difficult to deal with (the feeling of moving around a heavy character is very well rendered) but probably deadlier at first stroke.

For Honor_20160915153224

I hope you guys liked this first impression report, and I do hope to find you out next time and share a match or two.

For Honor_20160916181703

Edit December 18th: new Story Mode Cinematic Trailer.

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