A Look At Gun Club VR Reloaded For The PSVR2


Gun Club came out for PSVR back in 2018 and it has been one of my most played VR games since then.

Now 5 years later it has made its way onto the PSVR 2 and luckily its been updated perfectly to fit the new controllers, haptics and it even includes an reduced price for people which own the original PSVR version.


It is strange how a game like this would take me by storm as I am not really into guns or such, but the way this game is presented made me love it within minutes after loading it up, yup that was back in 2018, now 5 years later “The Binary Mill” has released it again under the name Gun Club VR Reloaded, this time for the PSVR2 and naturally it is updated to fit the specs of this new VR kit. 

Gun Club Reloaded PSVR2


Gun Club is basically a wet dream for anyone into weapons, there is virtually every gun you would wish for in this one, and the weapons actually feel different in use too due to their unique sound effects, handling and so on, and one of the stronger points for this game is how much it matters to modify and upgrade your arsenal (oh and yes, you can upgrade it way more than you would even imagine was possible)

The original launch version back in 2018 was good but it wasn’t before the 2.0 version that the game got really good, a lot of people probably never tried the game after that update arrived as by then the PSVR hype was more or less gone bit silent, well at least till the big PSVR devkit 2.0 update which gave us a shitload of amazing games for years to come.


You will need money to upgrade and modify your weapons, you get money by playing missions and they will come naturally early on as you will restart missions quite a bit in the start to get acquainted with the controls and how the game works.  The better you reload, the more headshots, the chaining of kills, using explosives, shooting hidden items, the total rank and so on pr. round will naturally reflect the amount of cash you get.

Some upgrades will only fit on some weapons, while others work on every weapon, they are easy enough to fit as there’s a auto equip method for newbies, with that said I do recommend that everyone spend some time adjusting stuff manually as it will help a lot on stability and accuracy which you will need in the later levels when the difficulty is ramped up to max.


The weapon shop in Gun Club VR is just insane, there is so much stuff to choose from that you will most likely just end up buying random ones for the sake of it, all typical weapon types can be found here like Pistols, SMG, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and so on and yeah if there is one thing I should complain about then it has to be the weapon selector /viewer slider, it’s a tad cumbersome to use and after a while, it will just annoy you as it could have just been a list showing all weapons at the same time instead of this 1 and 1 suitcase weapon selector thing.

If you want to complete the game then you will have to buy and adjust weapons towards the mission requirements, each location (there are 2 by default plus a sandbox thing) has its own missions covering each weapon class and this is where the lastability score gets ramped up, every weapon class has no less than 40 missions and there are loads more to chose from once those are done too (like for instance a zombie mode).

Some missions will require you to use a flashlight or a grenade and so on, upgrading your weapons go nicely together with the actual mission structures so, all in all, it will most likely never affect you or your in-game cash flow at all. 


When it comes to the gameplay, Gun Club might sound like a simple shooting gallery shooter, and that is indeed somewhat true although you can move around a bit and there is full locomotion and yes you can and have to move (either with body or stick) a full 360″ rotation, as far as I can tell there are no reprojection and the game seems operates at a minimum of 90fps, with that said, I have never had any issues with reprojection and probably got a much higher tolerance than many.  So if I am wrong about it not having reprojection, sorry.

For those of you who played this game on PSVR, yes all the tracking issues are gone, there are none whatsoever to be seen in the PSVR2 version, it’s super smooth and beating harder levels is dead easy compared to doing them on the PSVR.

Each “arena” has a timer, every target will go away after a few seconds, and some will shoot at you, all of this will lead to a bit of an adrenaline rush and is most likely the key to why this game is so extremely fun, another bonus is that the missions doesn’t drag out, they are all short enough so replaying them a lot of times will not get annoying if you want to get a better ranking/score (which you will for sure).


As mentioned earlier there are lots of stuff to do in this game, some people will most likely play this game for the Zombie mode but I am sure some will also want to play it just to be able to kill some nazis too. These modes do play the same as the rest of the game although they are at times much more challenging and maybe best of all, the targets move around a lot more.

As for the rest of the technical bit, the game sports some really good haptics, there’s an import PSVR savegame option (woohoo) which also unlocks some of the trophies automatically, it also supports multiple users and it is quick to jump from one to the other.



The tracking is perfect, and the graphics, and frame rate are up there where I expected the game to be. Is there something I miss? Well, I have played the original PSVR game A LOT so all of this PSVR2 version is basically just a refined port and doesn’t really bring all that much new stuff to the table, but guess what? I am fine with that. The game plays superbly, it’s still fun and challenging, and the upgrades for the PSVR2 version make the game even better. Is this a game you should get? Well, it is $19.99 and the insane amount of PSVR2 releases coming every month means that you can either choose this polished and good game or risk it with a buggy and unfinished product which we have seen quite a few of the last few months. It plays like a 10/10 for those that never experienced this one before, for the rest this is an 8/10.

PS: If you are a proper gun nut, then this one is a 12/10 no matter if you have played it before or not…

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