So here i am, swamped with games, i have a luxury problem at the moment and while i think it’s getting crowded on my shelf and hard drives (this article is about the downloadable games, new post due with BD games)it’s got more to do with so many games that have bored me to death lately.

Some examples of games that i thought would be awesome but turned out to be, well let’s just say “not for me”.

1. Joe Danger 2, i loved the first one, it oozed quality but this sequel is just plain boring, both to look at and play.

2. Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise, the first one was special, it had something no other games had, this sequel fixed many of the problems of the first one but it lost something and didn’t feel special anymore. (oh and the trophies were a major let down too).

3. Unfinished Swan, i know i will get a lot of flak by saying this but this game is far from playable, the concept and style are fantastic but badly executed IMO!.

4. Killzone HD remake was really looking forward to this one as i really enjoyed it on the PS2 but i guess Killzone 2 and 3, MAG and Resistance have changed my view on what a good fps is. KZ HD felt stale (much like MOH Frontline HD did 2 years ago) and not much fun in the long run.

5. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, loved the original and i really wanted to love this new version but just like KZ HD, it got very boring after a few hours.

6. Hell Yeah!: Wrath of the dead rabbit. felt so soulless 🙁

7. Deep Black, again an awesome concept but badly executed and soulless.

8. Silent Hill HD collection, a major let down and even after the update(s) it’s still broken and not fun to play.

9. Puddle (VITA), confusing and badly executed.

10. Table Ice Hockey AR for the VITA, i can’t manage to make this game work, unlike other AR games on the VITA this one simply won’t line (camera to AR cards) up properly and a mess to play.

11. Chronovolt (VITA), awesome concept and great style/gfx/music but badly executed (article due up today or on Wednesday).   UPDATE: ARTICLE DONE.

12. GEM’Z (Amiga), has wonderful music but the gameplay is a bit off and slow. (article due this week).  UPDATE: ARTICLE DONE.

Maybe i will play them in the future but i will not play them until i have no more games to choose from.

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