Oh Ubisoft, oh Ubisoft how you guys keep fucking things up.

So today the Liberation Save Game corruption patch came out, finally!!.

I updated the game and everything looked sweet but when i loaded my save game…guess what, still broken!.

I went to the Ubisoft forums and i got the message that it will not repair all save game corruptions which means that I will have to play from an older save or start from scratch.

They assured me that if i load up an old save game or create a new one this error will not happen again, luckily i had a 3-day old save before my save corrupted so about 5 hours of gameplay and collectables are lost but it is still better than nothing i guess.

Time to enjoy ACIII: liberation once again!.

PS: The other corruption bug which just returned you back to the Ubisoft logo has been fixed and the save game will be fixed with the patch so you guys who have that bug can now happily continue the game with nothing lost…

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