Endless Fighting. – Swamp Defense 2 – Preview


swamp22A few days ago after Quartet was previewed on this very site the developer Entwickler-x sent me an email about a surprise due this Saturday (today), i had no idea what was coming really.

Swamp Defense 2 released, that was the headlines i saw when i booted up my mailbox today.

It’s been a long time now since Entwickler-x released any games, been all too quiet so this was a good time to release something new, and for many, this was the best news from the developer as this game series has been praised high and low over the years.

I suck bad in these games, tower defense games are not for me really as i tend to have a very bad strategy and end up having to play the levels way more times than i should have due to my bad calculations.

swamp2cdI have not bought the game yet as i will go for the CD version which i will have to order later tonight so this article here is just a teaser for the game and a news item that the game is out.

A demo version for AmigaOS4 is available on their website http://www.amiboing.de.

Have fun and expect an article about the actual game before the end of next week (i hope).

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7 thoughts on “Endless Fighting. – Swamp Defense 2 – Preview

  1. Got the same mail too.
    It’s always amazing to see how much space there still is for hand drawn 2D games.

    May the force be with you, Entwickler-x! 😉

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