King’s Valley Conversion For The Amiga


King’s Valley, A Solid port for the Amiga that just works, well made, and feels like a commercial title.
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King's Valley Amiga

There have been so many Amiga games in the last few years that I simply haven’t had the time to review all of them. One of the reasons why some had to wait was because I have been waiting for a physical release, and little did I know back in 2021 that King’s Valley would never get its own boxed version…



This port of King’s Valley could easily have been destroyed with a different artistic style, everything in this version feels like the MSX version but with typical early Amiga-style graphics and music, it is almost as if it was originally from 1986 and done by the original team.


The music and SFX are the only tell here when it comes to how this is not a 1986 title really, mixed channels and a pretty decent sound quality to boot.



King’s Valley is not really a quick little game you can blast straight through btw, there are 16 levels with puzzles to solve, and enemies to sneak past or kill, and naturally, it starts off really gentle but eventually gets rather challenging. The main purpose of the game is to collect 3 diamonds spread out on the single screen level, once picked up a hidden door will show up, and reaching that door will get you to the next level.

King's Valley AmigaTHE VERDICT…

I have never seen the game on the MSX but the first thing I thought when I saw this Amiga game was how strangely familiar it felt to Lode Runner mixed with a bit of the Data East’s Bruce Lee game, the reason for this is that you run around all these platforms and looking for a way to get to the diamonds, for instance, some you of them will require multiple pick axes to dig your way down to reach them, other times you use pick axes to make holes in the ground to halt the enemies that chase you. There’s also a knife that you can pick up and throw at the enemies which will kill them, but there’s a catch here, once thrown you will have to run over to where you killed the enemy to pick the knife up again. Sounds complicated?

Well, it is fun actually and the mechanics fit nicely with the rest of the game.  Not a bad game at all, the music and graphics do the game justice and in the end, this is a welcome addition to the huge library of recent good games to come out for the Amiga.

Where to download this game? Click this link to reach the game page at, enjoy.

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  1. Thank you my dear friend! I had forgotten all about this. Need to download it again and give it another try. Never found the time to try this properly.

    Nice one mrrr Tooony! :-p

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