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This is my TOP 30 List of the current PSVR 2 titles 8 months after launch, this is my preference and not a guide to what is ultimately the games you have to buy, think of it more of a list of games you should consider at one point. I have not mentioned games that will eventually get good after lots of patches or sloppy seconds even though they might be great games on other platforms.

One of the most viewed articles on this blog in the PlayStation section goes to the Top 2o PSVR game list I did in 2017.

That list I did about 8 months after the launch of the headset and therefore is missing a lot of golden titles for that VR set, anyways, this PSVR2 top 30 list is also 8 months after launch and is attempting to pull off something similar, the main goal though is to make the good games sell more and the rubbish ones not at all until they either get an update or whatever.

Sadly, such a list is based on taste and is not meant to be a 100% guide but yeah, rather a personal opinion from a veteran in VR gaming.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is from February 22 (PSVR launch day) til 30th of September 2023 which means the insane numbers of good games to come after this date are not included in this list and therefore a new list will come around the end of next year as by the look of things, PSVR 2 game support has no plans of slowing down just yet.

Number 1 so far… Gran Turismo 7.

The minute they announced that the full game would hit PSVR2 on day 1, I simply could not believe my eyes, I did not really know what to expect but it sure looked amazing and to be perfectly honest, the game delivered on every single point for me and is my most played PSVR2 game since launch. Incredible value for money and in my eyes this is the game that should have been bundled with the headset as this is what you call a system seller.

No surprise really why this is my number one…

Has to be mentioned that the game supports a driving wheel, Dual Sense controller, and Dual Sense with motion control steering, and yes, all 3 variants work great.

Free Upgrade from the Flat version too.

Number 2 so far… Resident Evil (8) Village.

Another fantastic PSVR2 game and in all ways thinkable even better than the original flat version.

Not a shocker really that this is so high on my list, everything about this game is just amazing really, well except for one negative thing and that is how they failed to include Trophies for the VR version, WHAT THE HELL?

For some strange reason, there are a lot of people out there who think Village is just a quick and dirty spinoff game from the main series,  well, it is not! , this is a full game and it is in the main series too.

A free upgrade from the flat version is a bonus too.

Number 3 so far… Synapse.

At one point I thought this would hit number one on my list, I was simply blown away by just about everything in this game, a solid game, solid concept, and perfect controls with an insane spot-on weapon mechanic where you can use your eyes to do all sorts of crazy shit.

The game lasted about 12 hours for me, it is a short game really which you have to replay and replay until you actually master it enough to get to the very end.

There are 3 endings and one of them is the real ending.

Highly recommended!

Number 4 so far… Zombieland Headshot Fever Reloaded.

Now this is what I would call an oddball, I never really expected this to be any good really, I mean, I thought it would have been a port of the horrible flat-screen version that was released a while back on the PS4, well, it wasn’t that at all!

This is a pretty kick-ass Time Crisis-styled FPS shooter with mechanics that somewhat resemble the Kult classic “The Club” from SEGA.

Superb use of colours and game design makes this a really good-looking game, though the graphics aren’t all that amazing if you look outside of the game’s theme.

Huge game, with lots of replay value, and the high score tables scream “PLAY ME JUST ONE MORE TIME, PLEASE!!!”

I fear this is one of the games that will go under most people’s radar, please give this a shot, it is one of them games that most if not all gamers out there should at least give a go.

Number 5 so far… Crossfire 2: Sierra Squad.

Now, this was a huge surprise for me, I never expected this to be such an amazing game really, a huge single-player campaign (albeit a very tacky story-wise) for a VR-exclusive game anyway.

An even bigger CO-OP online campaign that consists of something like 60+ levels.

You even got a horde mode (1 map for now, more to come in updates soon).

The game is a proper FPS game but with smaller areas where you have to wipe out all enemies before you can move to the next area, there’s no automatic running between areas that will break the immersion either.

You have a levelling system, a shop, and in-game currency for upgrading and buying weapons, no there are no loot boxes or pay2win mechanics.

A really good game and one that deserves to be in everybody’s collection.

Number 6 so far… The Walking Dead – Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Retribution.

How often do we see a sequel that is better than the first game?  Well, I am not really sure about this one really, I like them both but I have grown somewhat tired of the first one over the years and after playing it again on the PSVR2 I felt… well, I simply felt that I didn’t want to waste my precious game time on it again (for now?).

The sequel is more of the same, that said I feel that it is more polished this time around but that might be down to the fact that I basically only played the first one on the PSVR.

It is a good game and while not a storming success like the first I would still say it is worth your time, but as an afterthought one has to wonder if this was a bit rushed in the end.

Not bad at all, if you want a scary game that will last for quite a while then you can’t go wrong with either of the two games in the series.

Number 7 so far… Rez Infinite Enhanced.

The PSVR version of REZ has been was my GOTY in 2016 and while this new version is exactly the same game it still is one of the very best games for the PSVR2. How is that possible? , well this time you got upgraded visuals and better sound but most importantly you have eye-tracking for shooting, yes it really surprised me how good that actually works.

I really can’t emphasize how brilliantly good this game is, the game is basically the same game that was released on the Dreamcast 23 years or so ago, it was and still is brilliant but the transition to VR has made it into an even better game really.

Number 8 so far… Townsmen VR.

Townsmen VR is probably the first strategy game in VR that I really could get into without getting frustrated at the controls, it starts off pretty basic with some easy steps in a rather big tutorial that progresses through quite a bit of “levels” until you are basically all by yourself without anyone holding your hand anymore.

It was insanely fun for the first few hours but when the game stopped guiding you it all became rather scary, it escalated quickly which then led to all sorts of idiotic moves done in haste that made it all look like I never paid attention to the tutorials at all.

After a few hours of excessive stress factors it all just “felt right” and ended up being one of the best games that I have ever experienced in VR.

Recommended, oh, and if you are not sure about it then go grab the free demo on the PS Store.

Number 9 so far… VR Skater.

This one was a proper pain in the arse at first, I struggled to do the most basic tricks, and most of the time I had absolutely no idea whatsoever what I was doing…

Until it all just “clicked” and all of a sudden I had turned into a “beginner skater”, after that it took about an hour if not more until I could do grinds and super cool tricks and within 10 hours or so I had progressed through the rather good sized 1 player missions included with the game on launch (more is announced to come eventually).

The one-more-go nature of the game is really high and while I sometimes just wanted to throw the controllers at the wall it still made me quickly press retry…and retry and …yep retry until I had completed the level.

Fantastic game, it might sound odd and look odd in terms of how you control your board and movement but once you get into it, well, you wouldn’t want it to be any different.

Number 10 so far… Pavlov.

This is another solid title although I have somewhat grown a bit tired of it, mostly down to the fact that it is multiplayer only and yeah, I really don’t have enough time to master these things anymore, it was very fun in the beginning but by now the elite has become so brilliantly good that you will die within seconds now unless you have played the game a lot.

Great graphics, solid movement, and weapon systems, and there are also very good level variations.

A solid game that I will start to play again when I get the time to play competitive online-only shooters again.

Number 11 so far… Pistol Whip.

Pistol Whip on the PSVR was great to a certain point, yep, the point where you had to move accurately and quick. The PSMove controllers worked for most of the time but in the end, I just stopped playing the game because I kept blaming the tracking instead of my awful skills :p

The PSVR 2 version on the other hand is just amazing, it tracks brilliantly, and not even once did it make me die a cheap death.

Insane amount of levels and stories to unlock and complete, incredible music, and the whole gameplay mechanic in the game works tremendously good.

At launch, this was one of my most played PSVR2 games (when I didn’t want to play GT7 that is), this is one of the best rhythm-themed games ever made! 

Number 12 so far… Horizon – Call Of The Mountain.

The PSVR2 flagship game that should have sold millions of headsets at launch, well it does look great and the mechanics in the game work better than what one would imagine at first but sadly it does become a bit stale eventually, the graphics and sound though are more than enough reason to play through the game and yes there is no other VR game out there so far that even come even close to the visual fidelity of this one.

There’s a demo on the PS Store and it is recommended you try it but as it stands today, for me this is not the system seller I had hoped it would have been. In my opinion, it should have been Gran Turismo 7 that was bundled with the headset instead of this.

Number 13 so far… Gazzlers.

Gazzlers has to be one of the biggest surprises so far this year, it looks like a generic and overused take on the shooting gallery genre but once you actually try it and get to see the humour, the Borderlands-style graphics, the hysterical sound (a bit repetitive over time tho), the number of upgrades and how well the game works out all in all just screams “ONE MORE GO, JUST ONE MORE GO”.

Seriously, this one really got under my skin and while it most likely won’t last for months or even weeks I still think this is one that will stay on my hard drive for years to come.

A really cool take on the rogue-lite genre where you replay the same shit over and over till you get good and while doing so you get to buy upgrades that will eventually make you unbeatable (hopefully), it is challenging enough to be fun and maybe most of all the upgrades in the game actually makes a difference.

Number 14 so far…Demeo.

This one has been in my backlog since launch, started playing it just a few weeks or so ago and got immediately hooked, the biggest surprise with this game was how deep the mechanics really go, it is not scary at the beginning either which is one of the things I didn’t expect (it was in my backlog for 8 months lol).

I had no idea how much this game would feel like Eye of Judgement (PSEye / PS3  Exclusive) in terms of how the cards and mechanics go.

This game would probably have been much higher up on the list if I had started this game earlier as I am still getting into it and have just gone to meet the amazing community which has been extremely helpful. 

A great single-player game that can be played with up to 3 other players in co-op at the same time (Drop in/ Drop out).

Good graphics, clean, great and different classes, huge variation in the cards and styles/elementals.

I have a feeling that this can turn into one of my most-played PSVR2 games in the next few years.

Number 15 so far… Moss. + Moss Book II.

These games need no introduction I think, heated both on PSVR back when they launched but had to get them again on PSVR2 for obvious reasons (they are just so darn good!).

Moss is still the best game out of the two although Moss Book 2 really up the game towards the end and turns it overall into a really solid game too even though it does feel quite frequently throughout the game that it could have been a DLC for the first game (not negative btw).

Not played them before and want a good-looking puzzler platformer-ish game? Well, then these games are for you.

Number 16 so far… Cities VR.

Cities VR was one of the reasons why I was really hyped for PSVR2, why is that?  Well, both I and my eldest son (Hi Sebastian) love Cities Skyline and just the thought of playing it in VR sounded absolutely brilliant.

Cities VR Enhanced is sadly a cut-down version of the Cities Skyline PS4/5 game, it looks and plays pretty much like the normal flat version but there are so many things missing in it that make an endlessly fun game into a game that you will just play until you beat it or so (about 20 hours to get the platinum for normal people).

I loved it at launch, never really bothered me that it was missing a lot of stuff but what bothered me was that there was a trophy glitch going on and I stopped playing the game because of it, it got eventually fixed (a month or so later) but by then I had moved onto other games and somewhat struggled to get back into this one.

Great game, cut down a bit too much for the VR version, hopefully, an expanded version or a Cities Skyline 2 VR version will come one day.

Number 17 so far… Cave Digger 2.

Cave Digger 2 is another solid CO-OP game that tends to get a bit of flack for its buggy state, to be fair it does have quite a few bugs still but at the same time the game plays rather well and it is a fun game to play with a friend or 3 when you want to play something totally out of the norm.

There are still a lot of active players so if you play in an open game then there will be people joining you, some will rush through levels and ruin the fun for you but others can be a joy to play with which will help you on your road to become a proper gold digger.

Far from an excellent game but it is good at what it tries to do, and maybe most of all there is no game like it. Go get it now!

Number 18 so far… Synth Riders – Remastered Edition.

What to say about this one then, Synth Riders is everything that Beat Saber is and then some, I like both but I like this more these days as I somewhat got tired of BS over the years.

Excellent music tracks, fantastic workout, brilliant rhythm tracking, and “dancing” skills will eventually come your way…or umm, maybe not.

Not much more to say other than the reason it isn’t lower on the list is because of the rather puny trophy list that, well, made the game less appealing after a few weeks of play (no platinum trophy either by the way, WTF!).

Number 19 so far… Walkabout Mini Golf.

The second most overhyped game for PSVR2 in my opinion is Walkabout Mini Golf, yes it is a fun game, no it is not fantastic looking nor deep in terms of gameplay although wherever you turn on social media people talk about this game like if it was their second coming.

Not really hooked on this one, the trophy list is not good either but it is fun to play with friends every now and then, and yes it will be a blast to play with friends when the flat iOS/Android version hits one day (might be out by now though?)

Solid game but do not expect it to revolutionize the genre, oh, getting used to the controls can be a bit iffy but keep playing and you will find out how.

Number 20 so far… Red Matter 2.

The most overhyped game for the PSVR2 goes to RED MATTER 2, yes it does look fantastic and it just ooze quality from the first second to the very end of the game.

But why is it in 20th place then you might ask? Well, I find it too simplistic with “okay” puzzles and limited movement, and every time you start loving the game you get interrupted with another puzzle or whatever.

A lot of people love this game and I can see why but the pacing and the need to put puzzles everywhere just break the immersion for me, by all means, it is a great game but just not one that I found to be the best game PSVR2 ever (I am not a graphic whore…).

Fantastic looking and one you will love if you are into slow-paced games with a lot of puzzle elements.

NB: The first Red Matter game was announced just recently and will be out in October, I advise that you play that first if you haven’t already. 

Number 21 so far… Masternoid.

Masternoid is a really cool take on the arcade classic Arkanoid, I find it to be more or less perfect in terms of game mechanics and the old-school feel of it all, instead of the “Bat’n ball” standard you got a gun and shoot the ball instead.

The precision and feel of accuracy work well, and you will eventually get the hang of hitting the stuff you want and that is when the true nature of the game shows up.

Cool retro-inspired graphics that are wrapped around a superb music package that you will struggle to put down once “bitten”.

A demo is available on the PS Store.

Number 22 so far… Hubris.

The VR communities are a strange place to hang, before we had Hubris everyone was hyping how absolutely brilliant that game was and how PSVR2 sucked that it had not got this fantastic game, naturally, these guys blamed SONY too for not bringing it over.

Lo and behold, Hubris did eventually hit PSVR2 (3 months later) and the port is more or less identical to a certain other version yet the very same guys that hyped it up through the skies all of a sudden started saying it was a bad and boring game.

Hubris is actually a rather pretty game but also a tad boring, especially at the beginning of the game, far from bad but hardly a system seller or a game that people will talk about in a few years.

Number 23 so far… Switchback VR.

Switchback VR, now here’s a game that fell flat on its face at launch, everyone was hyped through the roof with this one as it was basically the sequel to the amazing “Rush Of Blood” game on PSVR but when it launched it looked and played really bad (and that was after a one month delay too, mind). 

it didn’t take long before the developer (Supermassive) announced (and made an excuse at the same time) an upcoming update that would solve all the problems.

Several months later, the game people somewhat expected finally got released, sadly the hype was gone and most had already moved on and the developer really didn’t get the huge attention it so very much hoped to get for fixing the game.

In the end, the game is pretty enjoyable now, the story and wow factor from Rush Of Blood are nowhere to be seen sadly, but as a horror shooting gallery on rails, it still works and is fun in short bursts.

Number 24 so far… Surviv3.

Surviv3 was another surprise hit for me, really solid game in co-op, and while one of the levels really dragged out and another level had a huge boss glitch that ended up in a lot of fighting with my co-player we still loved it to bits.

Far from a great game but as a 2 player co-op game this was really fun, recommended for everyone out there who has a friend to play this game with.

Number 25 so far… No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky needs no introduction IMO, I played the game far too much in Flat mode on launch all those years ago that I somewhat more or less skipped it on PSVR.  I say more or less as I did play it for like 5 hours there before getting sick of the graphics and awful flying controls…

Wasn’t too hyped for the PSVR2 version really, but after 6 months or so I eventually fired it up and got hooked, the controls and graphics (especially after the last update) are simply insane, what a tremendous upgrade over the PSVR version.

I eventually platinumed the PSVR2 version too, didn’t take too long this time around (20 ish hours).

Well worth your time now, with great controls, graphics, and a true AAA game that fits nicely on VR.

PS: Frequently on sale at the PS Store (also free upgrade from PS4 version).

Number 26 so far… Pixel Ripped 1978.

The Pixel Ripped game series has to be some of the best attempts ever to recreate how gaming was back in the early days, the drama between the parents and the kid in terms of how playing games is everything from evil to destroying the eyes and whatnot. It’s a series of games with a bunch of various mini-games that you can easily see where they got the inspiration from, every game inside the Pixel Ripped games is based on hits from the era it covers. 1978 is by far the best of the 3 games so far and the 2nd one is the weakest although neither of them is anywhere near bad. The coolest part in Pixel Ripped 1978 is how they managed to do a deal with ATARI, everything in the game is basically based around that and it actually works too.

A game that’s well worth anyone’s time, recommended.

Number 27 so far… Firewall Ultra.

Now this is an odd one, the first game was an absolute masterpiece on the PSVR, and while this sequel will for sure pick up its pace eventually as it stands today (or even more so at launch) it has to be one of the biggest let downs from a huge PSVR franchise from SONY so far, the only reason why it is on this list at this moment is because of its potential and how it is indeed quite decent right now although far from what was expected for such a big title.

The day this game gets the needed support and features is the day when it will easily be up in the top 5 list.

Number 28 so far… Beat Saber.

Beat Saber is a true example of how well a VR game can sell, the popularity is still insane and that is rather crazy to think about as the game has more or less stood still since launch day back in 2018, the PSVR2 version is quite a few steps up from the PSVR version but ultimately it is basically the same game and most people will never see the updated stuff beyond some graphical enhancements, etc.

A free upgrade from PSVR is a nice bonus for such a milking product, I mean, It would probably have sold incredibly well even if it cost like 10 Euro /*USD or whatever.

Number 29 so far… Rythem Planet.

I am sure a lot of people will now think, there are way better games out than this pile of crap… Well, I have to base my experiences on well, my experiences and this is a family game, and yes Mr. AmigaGuru loves family games 😀

Rythem Planet is not a fantastic game, it is not even great but it has a certain charm and there are some mini-games in here that are simply brilliant, how this game is being overlooked by most people is beyond me, really sad in my opinion.

There’s been a few updates since launch and I hope there will be a few more eventually as there are some extremely challenging mini-games as it stands today.

Want a fun mini-game collection in VR that fits all ages? – Look no further, well actually this is one of very few VR games right now that fits in that category…


Number 30 so far… Humanity.

Humanity is what I like to call a – next-gen Lemmings version, a highly addictive genre that works really good if you put some time into it. Humanity is absolutely brilliant and times and when mastered it almost made me think it was the best VR game ever, 20 seconds later you just hate it as you messed up and had to start again…

I got the game free through PS+ but I would have happily paid full price at launch, but as it stands now, I will probably rot in my backlog due to the stress factor and nature of the mechanics.

Well worth it if you are into puzzlers, but keep in mind that it does get hard, really hard eventually.

And the runner-up so far… After The Fall.

After the Fall is another good CO-OP FPS game in VR, the upgraded PSVR2 version looks good but once beaten you eventually realize that it is rather generic looking and stiff. The fun factor in the game is great though, co-op works better than most other PSVR2 games at the moment but just when it became brilliant…well then the story/campaign is over.  A short game, messy menus, and a not-so-logical upgrading system make it a bit cumbersome at first, but you will eventually master it and once you do, there’s a pretty decent game to be found in it.

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6 thoughts on “PlayStationVR2 – The Top 30 Games So Far…

    1. RE4 REMAKE (your fav game) VR is soon ready too…soo hyped for that.

      As for horizon, not a bad game but more of a showcase what the VR2 can do, too much climbing but what is in the game is done good.

  1. Brilliant article here. Sadly, I never really got into VR and I do not own a VR2, but articles like this one make me wonder whether I should reconsider or not…. I am really intrigued by Call of the Mountain, since I love Horizon series.

  2. Nice list. Red Matter 2 was defo one of my best experiences, but I did like the Pavlov, RE8 and Hubris.
    Zero Dawn was to much of a climbing sim for me to enjoy it but still was a nice showcase.

    And one that has made a big difference to me and one I still playing after all this time is No Man’s Sky. Lovely game in Vr and such a great jump from psvr to PSVR2

  3. The PlayStationVR2 has provided gamers with an abundance of immersive experiences, and this list of the top 30 games showcases the best of the best. From spine-chilling horror to heart-pounding action, these games offer an incredible variety of gameplay, and fans of Resident Evil jackets will find plenty of thrilling adventures to dive into.

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