One of PS1 strongest points was its superior hardware capabilities compared to the other consoles of the time.
This obvious statement made a huge difference when NAMCO, tired of Nintendo tyranny, decided to build a new alliance with Sony. This peculiar “dynamic duo” created not only new IPs but also started to port on console arcade games that, maybe for the first time in history, where really comparable with the originals.

Time Crisis was one of those games: beautiful (for the time), addicting and action-packed.

The story sees you wearing the shoes of Richard Miller, in a desperate attempt to save Rachel (the President daughter ) and the world from a terrorist threat. The game was bundled with a very reliable piece of equipment, the “Gcon-45“, perfect replica (gun recoil aside) of the original arcade optical gun.

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the last of my old-time collectible.

This time I also have Sega counterpart. Orb, this is for you, mate! 🙂

Opening picture was taken from the Internet; all the others by g0blin.

Edit By ToAks, Replaced Picture with an Original one.

Edit By g0blin, new pictures added for House of the Dead.

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