Pianeta Amiga 2013 – Initial report.


this time I want to share with you the first report on Pianeta Amiga (Amiga Planet) 2013, our beloved Italian Amiga fair.
The event took place in Bologna last weekend and, even though these days the attendances for this kind of events are (sadly) rather low, a lot of new things have been shown.
[The X550 Plus by Loriano Pagni, Bitplane and Amiga Future magazines …]

If you followed the Amiga forums in the last few days you already know that we had a very nice surprise: ACube Systems and A-EON Technology have reached a partnership for the joint development of Amiga hardware and Software (YES!).

As posted by AmigaBlitter on www.amigaworld.net, you can retrieve further information on this partnership ACube and A-EON sites.

Unfortunately, family businesses kept me far away from Bologna (DAMN!), but Nube was there and he is now writing an article which will complement this initial report (thanx dude, I owe you).
[Nube and TrevorD]

For the time being, just enjoy a quick report made by Guruman (Andrea Maniero) for Amigaworld.net. Andrea is involved in MOrphOS stuff. Kyle, on the other hand, provided a link for some very nice pictures.
Thanks to Eliyahu for providing the link to the official Facebook page of the event here.

Expect further info soon but, for the time being, KEEP THE FAITH ALIVE!


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