As my fellow readers know, one of my (way too) many interests is my passion for Japan and the Japanese language. Native speakers say “omatase” to mean ‘sorry to have kept you waiting’, ‘thank you for waiting’, or such in Japanese, so no other title should have been more appropriate to underline my return to this blog after over five months!

First of all, let me thank Mr. Masaki Mori for his article about the topic and Ms. Federica Ercole for pointing me in his direction; both run great blogs, full of insights on the Japanese language and culture: find them at JapaneseParticlesMaster and HanamiBlog.

Secondly, since this is a gaming blog, let me introduce Exit Veil, the next title from Cherrymochi, an independent Tokyo-based studio already responsible for the beautiful Tokyo Dark. We covered Tokyo Dark a few years ago before COVID-19 changed our world so, if you need refreshing, you can find the articles here and here.

The Exit Veil Project is an occult-themed dark-psychedelic narrative role-playing game where the player, in the shoes of Tori, moves through a twisting labyrinth of doubt, love, and change, confronting our darkest shadows & explores what it truly means to be.

Like many other games, even in Exit Veil there is a game of cards but, unlike all the others, we are here talking about a physical 78-card deck with a focus on the esoteric. Bursting with symbology and meaning, designed by Cherrymochi’s J.Imazato, it is the beating heart at the core of the project.

At present, the entire team is working really hard to get ready for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, so stay tuned to these pages for more info about the game. In the meantime, if you are wondering what I have been up to in the past few months, let me give you another taste of Japan and introduce you Chars’ Attack!, my educational software for the Commodore C128 (80 columns mode), meant to teach the player the  Katakana alphabet while having fun. At present, the game is finished and will soon be available for free on RetromagazineWorld, full source code included (Commodore BASIC v7.0).

Thank you for reading!

PS: The “featured image” of this article is my 8-bit version of Himeji’s Castle, re-edited from a picture I personally shot a few years ago during my trip to Japan; if you feel like it, retrieve the entire story at the links below.

A dream come true – part 1

A dream come true – part 2

A dream come true – part 3

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