*PLING* Calling All Trophy Whores *PLING*


PlayStation Trophies, either you love them or you don’t, right?.  I am one of those that love the system and while i do not whore i am still an addict and i always react in a good way when i hear that *Pling* sound.

I even got a proper “trophy whore” trophy from a friend for Christmas, he had specially ordered it and engraved it just for the occasion, best gift ever.   One thing though, it wasn’t a copy of the PSN trophies style but a typical albeit good looking one instead. (i will add a picture of it A.S.A.P.)


Now, someone at 3D Capsule Creations on Facebook has stepped up and created the real deal, all 5 types ( Hidden, bronze, silver, gold and Platinum trophies) is possible to order and the price?  $150 USD for a complete set or $30 a piece + PP.

So, what are they created out of and are they heavy? , well, they’re 3D printed plastic and then painted afterwards, they weigh 75grams each and takes about 2 weeks to make according to the facebook page


I have not placed an order yet but i am very tempted actually, i want to see more pictures of them and i have asked for a few more(along with more information requests) and I will report back when I know more about these awesome looking trophies!.

Collectables and such matters a lot and due to my trophy addiction, i know people would comment these in a heartbeat when entering my game room.

There are a few concerns though, these things are SONY property and i am not sure if they like the idea of someone making money on them without paying for a license or whatever, so my advice to anyone interested in getting these is to hurry up and get it before they get an idea or whatever about stopping it.


Eddie Sun provided me with some pictures now, thanks a lot for the quick response.

Update: I got a few more pictures now and i have to say that they look even better than what i first thought. The platinum looks spectacular to honest.

I have to admit that i do not get easily impressed by 3d prints these days as i have seen a lot of bad ones the last few years.


For some reason the owner thinks they would fit his dashboard nicely, i personally would not look at the road at all.

Do you see the naked woman standing in the front of the car?  *PLING*


Even the passenger gets a trophy in this car, if i was a passenger here then i would’ve looked for the SQUARE button to see what the trophy description was on that secret one (yup, a new PS4 trophy feature that i just found out about a couple days ago…).


Here you can see how they look from above, notice the details here.

I will report back as soon as i know more about these things, thanks for your time and catch ya all later.

PS: Here’s my trophy card, in case you haven’t seen it before.  

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