This post is long overdue and one that I have wanted to do many times, the reason I brought it up now is because of something that happened to a good friend who took his own life a while back, this is the first time I mention it here on the blog.

Mental health is hard to cover and especially so when I have dealt with it firsthand by myself in both my young and adult life.

I didn’t know my comment had made it into this video from Ninja Theory and I found it by accident (a search string in google actually), it made me feel both proud and sad really.

The game moved me so much that I went on to contact both Ninja Theory and VNV Nation to thank them for the incredible use of both storytelling and sound, but I never got around to blog about it (other than some stuff on social media) as it was just too much for me, the game made me angry,it made me weak and I cried bucketloads throughout the whole thing and that was not because I was about to collapse mentally, but more so because I felt the game nailed how mental illness works and what it does / or can do to you.

To all my friends out there, reach out, don’t wait it out, ask for help.

Thanks to Roar Tjørhom for the Feature image.

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10 thoughts on “Reactions To Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

  1. As someone who suffered very badly from mental health issues and someone who tried to take there life on more than one occasion all the points are spot on, you do feel like you struggle to tell people or make them understand. It was a battle for me to get back to where I am today but it wasn’t because people told me it’ll be fine it was my girls telling me they miss me even though I was there, because I wasn’t me for a long time. I’ve not played this game for these reasons but I’ll definetley have a look now. I can spot people now who are standing at the precepise and I always reach to them and tell them im here for a chat always. I sad to loose people especially when there part of a group or a member of a team. We should all look out for each other and it’s a shame we don’t. But being there yourself is a dark and horrid place.

    Sorry I went on a bit but I feel it when people talk about it.

  2. Thanks for sharing Orbstah.. And this game is very important on so many levels. But one playthrough is more than a enough for me. Very glad I did play it… 🙂

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