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It’s almost August now and i know i promised to release a new stats graph but i never got around to it (sorry) before now but anyways…here it is and as you will see is that it’s been a success and sometimes its doubled its traffic and so on.

The simple graph here, Green is Hits/views (single article), blue is pages (1 page is atm 3 articles) and dark blue is filed (images etc atm..).

Yellow is actual visitors with “locked” if/account.

Red is download traffic.

We can start with Red, see that spike in March? well that is how big the blog and main website is in megabytes as i moved servers at that time, or rather did a backup restore and also i tried to put more articles on the same page…. not a good idea…

275mb is the size.

Yellow, Registered users, this has been extremely stable and the record was in October clocking in an average of 251 per day, funnily enough, is that there ain’t much more than that many accounts created so the number is actually moot but fun to see the steady amount of registered visitors.

Green, hits is always fun to count and especially when you use Facebook and other media sites as an exposure channel and i can safely say that these hits nearly made me faint and so did the provider HeHe.

See that spike in November? , well that is because of 1 article really… the Brown’s Strip club article and that one alone has clocked in way over 150.000 hits by now, it’s actually hard to tell now because of my server move/restore wiped the actual “views” and i never wrote them down.

November was the first “proper” month really, dunno but i always felt it like that and since then the blog has gone from “fun” to very busy.

Nearly 11.000 hits in 1 day are the highest recorded number of hits on this site (and that was on the 3rd day after i published the Strip Club article.

HITS MONTHLY RECORD = 43.012 (November), and due to startup months and other “low” months the average of this site’s lifetime is 21.601…

December was a huge drop and the articles dried up and i was busy with other things and most hits and visits were the strip club one and a few other “new” articles.

In the middle of January, i realized how the blog was “falling”, had the blog had it’s 1 hit article? , was the site over and done for?

I went over the site and looked what was visited the most and where the hits came from etc and by the end of February the blog was back up in the limelight with about 2000 hits per day.

March had a good bump too and managed to raise the average stats up another 20% or so.

June was a rough month, i was caught up with the housebuilding and screaming and yelling at the building company for all the mistakes they made or had already done…it took all my energy and the site had no exposure at all and to top it off the site had major tracking issues due to provider problems (site was also offline a lot too because of this).

Luckily i managed to get Goblin to craft a few great articles and they got very popular which means i can thank him for getting the site back up in terms of stats.

The Ni No Kuni article that Goblin wrote have over 6.000 views, an outstanding feat.

The problem with stats is that they’re an average of the month so it doesn’t really help if the site has 10.000 hits one day and 100 the next 10 days.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear comments both positive and negative ones.
The Strip Club article can be viewed here:

PS: seems less than 10 Gangs Of London packages was sent out (the strip club package).



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