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I have been one of the lucky ones who has had access to the PS4 since the launch in November last year and while i never really wanted one until there was more games or at least one of the titles which i really wanted (DriveClub and Infamous SS…) i still longed for the new hardware, i wanted to do everything with it as the guy i borrowed the PS4 from earlier did not approve me for using online services and and other things and since i am an obedient citizen i naturally followed these rules.

Last Friday when i was doing one of those normal shopping tours of mine, go to every game shop and such and look for gizmos and stuff and the usual question was at hand “do you have any PS4 now?” and of course every shop said the usual “No!” and in all honesty i did not expect any other reply than just that as it’s been 7 months now where it’s been more or less impossible to get unless you had a pre-order or whatnot….

The trip was supposed to be just for shopping for some stuff at a hardware store, stuff like tools, an outdoor table and chairs and some other stuff but at the very last shop i went…. there was a poster ” WE HAVE PS4 NOW!” in the entrance and i was sure it was old and outdated but when i went to the game section there was not only 1 PS4…there was 7 or 8 of them!!.
I decided to get one as i didn’t want to regret not getting one (again) and while i was good on the money side i still had not finished my PS3 backlog and my girlfriend more or less denied me in getting one until i had finished and sold (shrug!) some stuff or whatever as the room is so crowded etc. Good and valid points and i have got a bit of flak because of getting one but that one is on me, my fault and stupidity.
From the getgo when the PS4 was announced i had basically promised myself to not get many games when the console was out as it is expensive and the market is so limited that the competition between shops and such would be very low for at least a year and this have paid off as the prices have been an absolute insanity, games that would cost 10 euro ended up costing 29 euro and so on………
I got a few games and while most are the free PS+ games since November i still enjoy them enough to make my mind up about what i think of the PS4 in general and also the software and OS itself.

RESOGUN is one of those free games, an absolute blast to play, it is basically a Defender remake/upgrade and it’s from the team that did Super Stardust which was an Asteroids remake/upgrade so it’s a given that this game would be awesome.
inFAMOUS Second Son, this was the system seller for me and believe me it is just as amazing in-game as the videos and trailers that have been doing the internet for months
This game shows how much potential the PS4 really have, i mean.. this game both in graphics and physics shows that the console have an amazing potential for the next generation/decade as this game is somewhat similar impacts compared to Heavenly Sword on the PS3 launch year, i mean, the game might not have been amazing but everything in it was so much of a jump compared to everything else on the console at the time that the goal for every developer out there was to at least try and match it or make it better…..

Trials Fusion, a typical fanboy hype game… first it was Braid and then it was Limbo and then it was Fez and then it was TRIALS… see my point?, yes these used to be Xbox360 Exclusives and every one of them was hyped as G.O.T.Y’s and many forums and reviewers more or less claimed them to be better than everything else on both the Xbox360 and the PS3… i fell for the Braid hype… absolutely hated that game and if you ask my girlfriend about it she will also say some very umm “fine” words about it.. Limbo, yes it is a unique game but was it really a gem?, i have it for both the PS3 and the Vita and i have yet to complete it as i kept falling asleep while playing it…. .. FEZ, it looks fun, the demo was fun enough but when i completed the demo i decided to skip it as i was tired of the concept…Trials or in this case Trials Fusion, supposedly the best game ever if you see certain websites… i can simply say,i do not like it much and i am one of the guys who played Kickstart 1 and 2 for years upon years on the C64 and the Amiga and then eventually we went on to Super Scramble Simulator, in one way or another all of these games are the reason to why Trials was born but the reason why i do not like it all that much yet is because of the “jump here” and when you do you have no idea what the point is as there are so many hidden ramps that you won’t see unless you jump as the camera is not dynamic enough so in the end, you have to replay every level a lot of times more than you should just to try and figure out the best way to do it all without losing too much time or die.
Sorry but this game is simply not fun…. not yet anyway but i will, of course, play it more soon.

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