From Lasse Öörni, developer at Psytronik and creator of the acclaimed Metal Warrior series came HESSIAN, his most ambitious C64 release yet! This game, published a few years ago, featured fluid gameplay, immersive movie-style story, detailed character animation, ultra-smooth multi-directional scrolling, a huge science complex to explore, multiple enemies to defeat and guns … lots of guns!

Everything from this product screamed style and hard work therefore, when the Kickstarter campaign for a chiptune soundtrack was launched, I was more than eager to back it up. Even more stylish was the fact that such soundtrack came on vinyl, something that I just simply couldn’t overlook. My copy arrived a couple of days ago, and here is its unboxing.

As you can see from the pictures, the reward for my pledge was so much more than the simple vinyl. It actually included:

  • Hessian, the C64 game (review due asap), on a special edition cover;
  • the soundtrack printed on a (really cool) electric blue vinyl;
  • the soundtrack on a Jewel Case CD;
  • a Psytronick software T-shirt;
  • a sticker and a double-sided A4 glossy artwork print;
  • deluxe gatefold jacket showing extra – and exclusive for this release – new HESSIAN themed artwork from Trevor Storey.

Chiptune Records (founded in 2017 by Koen De Brabander) and Psytronik Software (founded by Jason ‘Kenz’ MacKenzie in 1993) joined forces to bring us the finest official game soundtracks on vinyl, CD & digital download. The album (by Lasse Öörni and Péter Nagy-Miklós) is available on Vinyl, CD & digital download. While, as said, I didn’t play the game yet I surely listened to the album and I can tell you that, coupled with all the goodies it comes with, it’s surely a 10!

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