burn-the-rope_2Burn The Rope is a typical casual iPhone/google play type of game and its actually pretty fun and the PlayStation VITA controls help the game a lot compared to the iPhone and Android phones/tablets.

The game is a pure touch screen and it uses both touchscreens as well as some other gizmos inside the VITA.

Front touchscreen is used to general mechanics like start the fire and rotate the rope and the touchscreen on the back of the vita is used as a Zoom/angle view.

To start a fire is as easy as just tapping the rope but you only got one chance to burn all the ropes with that single flame so you will have to make it jump over to the other ropes and make it scale insects and so on.

The fire will go out if it’s not burning upwards and also the more it burns upwards the faster it goes and when you have split the fire in several directions it can be quite difficult to keep them all burning so you will have to rotate the screen a lot.

The ropes may have different colors and to be able to burn for instance a red rope you will have to burn a red insect and make sure you to send your new colored flame to that red rope.

The game is quite big too, each location has 10 rope levels to burn and if you’re a perfectionist and /or a trophy hunter then this game will last a long time even though this game might not be all that hard nor clumsy but to achieve 100% perfection needs perfection.


Wonderful mechanics, great gfx and not so great sound makes this game quite a good one for its price even tho it is a bit steep for a game of this type.

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