Trivia Time: Sonic’s First Home Console/Computer Debut Was Actually On The Amiga

I have had this game since it came out back in 1991 and yes i am well aware of it having Sonic in it, but there was one thing that i did not know before now, and that was that this was Sonic The Hedgehog’s first appearance in an computer/console game.

The game is ofcourse The Adventures Of Quik & Silva, yes the plattformer which had like a gazillion stolen cameos in it, Mario Brothers, Katakis, Giana Sisters, Tower Toppler/Nebulus,Bubble Bobble and yes even Sonic was in it. 

Most if not all cameos was from “older” games ,except for Sonic which was not released yet, Quik & Silva came out a whole month before the first Sonic game was released in June 1991. 

So how did i find out about all of this then?, well, check out the very enjoyable video below. It is a very entertaining video by Larry Bundy jr. – It is a few years old now but someone on Facebook linked it a few days ago and i just had to do a article about it…

The other thing the game was well known for was ofcourse the soundtrack, the legendary Chris Huelsbeck did a kick ass job with this game and is one of the best things with the game. 

Yes it is still very popular, new edits and remixes pops up on the internet every now and then and one of the best one that i know of has to be this youtube one below…

Quik & Silva was more than just cameos and a kick ass soundtrack though, the playability and design of the game quite good for its time and format, everything just worked and while not very technical it certainly did a lot more than it’s competitors at the time. 

I will now fire up my CD32 and have a game of Quik & Silva right away me thinks, thanks for your time.

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