New Blog Update 3

Just wanted to let you all know that i am still working hard on fixing the blog, all bugs should now be “GONE”, i have wiped many plugins and swapped them with other ones, even homemade ones too.   The thing that hit me last night was that this travesty of a “move to a new interface” blah blah yadda thing blog just made it clearer than ever that i am getting old and old people to do stupid things… that said, old is good.  sort of..  yup good.

From tomorrow on the blog will get new posts again here and while i am filling in new material i will also fix the endless of nearly 400 posts massacre with the pictures they used to hold… that is.. if i have backups of everything which i don’t yes, expect new stuff.  (hooray!) 🙂

PS: Skylanders got the “new” treatment today, so it’s not all bad by losing data, i did a youtube vid along with better screenies etc.  have a look ” use search button for Skylanders”  (yes it works..)




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10 thoughts on “New Blog Update 3

  1. facebooker

    wowzer, cool picture!.

    looking forward to the new stuff!

  2. anon

    hurry up will ya? 😀

  3. Jimbo

    sorry to hear all your troubles:/

  4. g0blin

    Excellent news! Way to go, Tony.

    btw, isn’t that girl Alice in “Madness Returns”?

  5. Slowly piecing it together again:)

  6. oh yes it is g0blin, awesome art 🙂
    found it suiting 🙂

  7. Larssen

    i seem to remember a Alice returns article from the old blog but i can’t find it here! Help?

  8. Mark Newsome

    Were a patient bunch tony, some of us still waiting on a new Amiga lool

  9. Synergy

    New stuff soon?:)

  10. Synergy

    New stuff soon.:)

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