This blog has already covered more than once some of the awesome games by RETREAM, in particular Tony was a betatester for the Amiga CD32 endless shooter SkillGrid. Despite being a one-man-army dev group, RETREAM always delivered AAA products, colorful, fun and perfect in every detail. As you read on these pages the Amiga scene is nowadays more lively than ever, yet it’s only a niche market. For this reason Simone, the coder behind these games, decided to try a different approach. Blastaway, his latest project, is now a Windows game, even if it looks, plays and feels like the old glories of the past.

As the dev reports on his blog: “Blastaway will be a highly playable and entertaining arena shooter, gameplay-wise heavily and shamelessly inspired to Wizard of Wor and graphically somewhat inspired to The Chaos Engine”. Also, the idea behind it dates back to 1995, so it really is a blast from the past!

Blastaway is being constantly refined and you can find the latest build on the game page with new features added almost every day. If you are not only a game lover but also interested about how the game development process takes place, visiting the blog is the right way to go. At present, the code is not yet complete but the game is fully playable. The build is only 3MB in size, won’t install strange keys in your registry file nor clutter your hard drive. I can only suggest to give it a go, and for your convenience please find below the latest video about the game. Enjoy!

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