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After a few months that saw my contribution to the blog at its lowest, I am finally back again! Different reasons are behind it and, unlike the first time, it was for a shorter period, yet I’m once again glad it is finally over.

In the meantime, as I promised a few weeks ago, I did manage to get my Platinum trophy on Sekiro. Nonetheless, I am not here trying to show off, rather to stress a point about said game and its supposed difficulty level. You’ll remember from my article that someone out there claims the game to be an easy one (WTF!!) but the following video (many thanks to Fizz for it) obviously prove them wrong.

Quoting Fizz: “Make sure your enemies are dead before you celebrate. There is a “Finisher” In Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice to finally eliminate your opponent. Some streamers didn’t pay too much attention.”

Please make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Back – Reloaded

  1. Wow, you got a difficult trophy, didn’t you? Congratulations!
    By the way, this video is very funny.
    This is truly a “streamer killer”.
    Are there specific conditions for the boss to be resurrected?
    The resurrection of the giant monkey was the most shocking footage.
    But I thought it was really cool. ^^

    1. Enemies (any enemy, not only bosses) resurrect if you fail to vibrate the final stroke, since they will recover their “posture” over time. It almost happened once to me as well, but I didn’t let my guard down and I survived ?

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