It’s not often i do articles just because of a video i saw. This video about PSYGNOSIS is worth a mention because of many things but the main thing has to be entertainment factor and quality of it, oh and let’s not forget that it is over an hour long too.

Sit back and enjoy one of the better videos/coverages about Psygnosis ever made.


PS: I do not agree with Kim on everything she says/does.

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17 thoughts on “A Kim Justice Video : The Story And Games Of PSYGNOSIS

  1. David:Actually, there are many missing from all era’s but he said why.. Too many to mention:-).

    Missing ones i can think of Air supply, Combat Air Patrol, Aquaventura, Awesome, carthage , bobs bad day, theatre of death etc….

  2. Great video, but shame on Psygnosis for releasing Last Action Hero on the Amiga… 😉 I played it on my MIST FPGA setup last night and I was really prepared to like it, but it was horrible.

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